How Well Do You Know Big Brands & Their Logos?

How Well Do You Know Big Brands & Their Logos?
A logo is the first thing that springs to mind at the mention of a brand. Various logos surround us every day, they get fixed in our memory thanks to advertising clips and banners. We offer you to check your knowledge and attentiveness with the help of a non-standard quiz. Good luck!

There are some things that money can't buy... for everything else, there's...

There are some things that money can't buy... for everything else, there's MasterCard.

What logo is odd one?

Sprite doesn't belong to PEPSICO holding

What brand logo does feature a croco?

The famous crocodile shows off in the Lacoste brand logo




What brand does have this slogan - Drive Your Dream?

Yes, this is TOYOTA's logo

What brand does not belong to European ones?

The full brand name is Donna Karan New York, so yes, it's not from Europe

What brand is absent in the picture?

Main characters: an incorrectly parked Porsche and a go-getting driver of a Nissan

Choose the right brand color

Adobe logo is in the red background

What logo is depicted right?

The right picture is to the right

Guess the brand by the part of its logo

Of course, this logo belongs to HP company




General Electric

What brand is Italian one?

The company was named after brothers-founders

What brand is odd one?

Alpen Gold brand doesn't belong to Mars holding

What slogan does Apple have?

Just do it

Turn on tomorrow -

Think different


What label Bumblebee, a character of Transformers, does "wear"?

In the movies, Bumblebee also took the form of Chevrolet Camaro.

Select the right brand color

The logo of the company for searching for the short rent of private accommodations all over the world looks this way

Select the missing logo in the sequence

All the logos in the pic belong to airline companies from all round the world. China Southern Airlines is one of the largest airlines.

Guess the brand name by its logo

The largest oil company is named Shell





What logo is depicted right?

The right logo is depicted to the right

What country does Canon belong to?

A transnational machine manufacturing company headquartered in Tokyo





What car brand is jokingly called The Lord of the Rings?

Famous across the world four rings belong to Audi




Guess a brand by the part of its logo

This logo is a work of Salvador Dali



Chupa Chups

Kinder Surprise

Rational Buyer

The marketing experts of the whole world failed to catch you in their toils. Your knowledge of brands and logos are quite shallow. You're a true non-conformist!  

Armed Buyer

You can be proud of your knowledge! Your retentive memory helps you to easily orient in the ads world. Carry on!