QUIZ: Can You Guess The TV Show Based On A Screenshot?

QUIZ: Can You Guess The TV Show Based On A Screenshot?
Do you know all the popular television shows? Or are you just an amateur? Take this quiz to find out!  

Which TV series is this?

"Spartacus" is a popular British TV series that tells the story of the famous Roman gladiator. Separated from the woman he loved, Spartacus is forced to fight in the arena, where death is the best entertainment for the bloodthirsty crowd. In order to survive, Spartacus has to live by the ruthless rules of the arena.

Game of Thrones



True Blood

From which TV series is this screenshot?

"Teen Wolf" is an American teen drama TV series that focuses on a schoolboy named Scott McCall. While wandering in the woods, Scott is attacked by a werewolf. He is bitten by the creature but manages to escape. Soon Scott starts to notice that he is changing, both physically and mentally...


Pretty Little Liars

The Vampire Diaries

Teen Wolf

Which TV series is this?

"House, M.D." is an American television medical drama that follows a group of doctors at a fictional hospital in New Jersey. The team of diagnosticians is headed by Dr. Gregory House, who is a talented but misanthropic doctor. He uses a cane to aid his walking and seems to hate everyone around him.



House, M.D.

Grey's Anatomy

Which TV series is this?

"Grimm"is an American fantasy television series that follows a Portland detective Nick Burkhardt. The main character discovers that he is the descendant of the guardians known as "Grimms." Now his mission is to protect the humanity from dangerous mythological creatures.



Penny Dreadful


Which TV series is this?

"Shameless" is an American comedy-drama TV series on the adventures of the crazy Gallagher family and their neighbors. The father of this dysfunctional family has a drinking problem, and his children need to learn to take care of themselves.

Sex and the City



Big Little Lies

From which TV show was this screenshot taken?

"13 Reasons Why" is an American teen drama TV series. Clay Jason finds a box with seven cassette tapes recorded by his classmate Hannah Baker, who has committed suicide. Clay was secretly in love with the girl. In her audio diary, Hannah talks about the 13 reasons that made her take her own life, and Clay is one of them.


Gossip Girl

13 Reasons Why


Which TV series is this?

"Arrow" is an American superhero TV series. Following a shipwreck, a billionaire Oliver Queen mysteriously disappears. Five years later, he is found on an uninhabited island. Oliver returns home and reunites with his mother, sister, and best friend. However, they can see that Oliver has changed a lot during his five-year stay on the island.




The Flash

Which TV series is this?

"The Big Bang Theory" is an American television sitcom that follows a group of socially awkward friends and Penny, a beautiful girl and aspiring actress that lives across the hall. The TV show is full of funny, embarrassing situations the main characters find themselves in.

Young Sheldon

The Big Bang Theory


How I Met Your Mother

Which TV series is this?

"Outlander" is a drama TV series that tells the story of Claire Randall, a World War II nurse, who travels into the past. Claire finds herself in the 18th century Scotland, where life is full of mysteries and dangers. However, the young woman is determined to return to the future to her loving husband. In order to survive, Claire marries Jamie Fraser, a charismatic Scottish warrior with a complicated past.

The Crown

Downton Abbey



Which TV show is this?

"Once Upon a Time" is an American fantasy drama TV series set in two worlds, the real and the fairy-tale one. The life of 28-year-old Emma Swan changes forever, when her abandoned 10-year-old son Henry finds her and tells her that she is the daughter of Prince Charming and Snow White. Emma is transported into the fairy tale world, where she has an important mission to accomplish.

Once Upon a Time



The 10th Kingdom

From which TV series was this screenshot taken?

"Sherlock" is a British crime drama TV series. In the series, we can see the adventures of Sherlock Holmes. However, instead of the Victorian period, the famous detective lives and works in the modern-day London. Loved my millions of people worldwide, this TV show is full of good-natured humor and captivating characters.

True Detective

Twin Peaks


Doctor Who

Can you identify this TV show?

"The 100" is an American post-apocalyptic science fiction drama. Almost a century ago, the human civilization was swept away in the nuclear war. A spaceship orbiting Earth has become home for a group of post-apocalyptic survivors. They send one hundred criminal adolescents to Earth with the mission to detect whether or not it's inhabitable or not.

Under the Dome

Stranger Things

The Walking Dead

The 100

Which TV series is this?

"The Walking Dead" is an American post-apocalyptic horror television series that follows survivors of a zombie apocalypse. The protagonist Rick Grimes, who is a deputy sheriff, travels alone to Atlanta to find his wife and little son. On his journey, he encouters other survivors. Each day brings more fear, disppointment, and death as the characters try to stay alive surrounded by horrible zombies.


The Walking Dead


The X-Files

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