Logical Reasoning Test

2019-02-25 21:25:08
Logical Reasoning Test

Let's check how good you are at building cause-and-effect relations and solving logical puzzles. We offer you to answer a number of intricate questions to check how your brain works.

Some equality is depicted in the picture. To make it right you need to shift one match. What two elements take part in shifting the match?

9 and 0

0 and +

9 and 5

5 and +

To a specialist of what profession Solomon didn’t pay a salary when referred to him for his services and paid otherwise?

They say Solomon tsar paid his doctor only when he was healthy.





Three full sisters have one brother each. How many children are in the family?

There's only one brother for all sisters. So, there are 4 children in the family.





What should be the next number? 77, 49, 36, 18 ...

Each new number is a multiplication of two digits of the previous number: 7 * 7 = 49; 4 * 9 = 36; 3 * 6 = 18; 1 * 8 = 8.





On the surface of a pond one water lily floats, which constantly divides and grows. Thus, the area which water lilies occupy grows two times every day. The whole surface of the pond appears to be covered in 30 days. How long does it take to cover all the surface of the pond if initially, two water lilies float on the surface?

Since one growing lily will cover the whole surface in 30 days, two lilies are the sum obtained after division of one lily on the next day. In other words, starting with the second day two lilies will divide. And since it takes 30 days in the first case, it means that it will be 29 days in the second case (30 - 1).





What time should watch #5 show to continue a certain sequence?

Watches successively show related to the previous watch: minus 1 hour 10 minutes, minus 1 hour 20 minutes, minus 1 hour 30 minutes. Thus, the last watch should show minus 1 hour 40 minutes related to the fourth watch.





Seven candles were burning, three faded. How many candles were left?

3 candles, which had faded, were left. Others burnt out.




How many eggs can you eat on an empty stomach?

Only one. All the next ones will be eaten not on an empty stomach.

You shouldn't eat eggs on an empty stomach

No more than 1

2 at most

Depends on a person's bodily constitution and height

What is the weight of a cat, a rabbit, and a dog together?





There are 4 synopticians. Only one of them always tells the truth. The rest of synopticians are liars, but they can tell both truth and lie. The first synoptician, “There’s one liar among us”. The second synoptician, “There’re 2 liars among us”. The third synoptician: “There’re 3 liars among us”. The fourth synoptician, “There’re 4 liars among us”. What of 4 synopticians is a love-lover?

The third synoptician is a love-lover. It is said that there’s only one love-loving synoptician, thus, there are three liars. Only the third synoptician said that there are 3 liars.

The first

The second

The third

The fourth

To make this equality right you need to shift one match. What will be the equality result?

It will decrease to 4

It will be the same - 6

It will increase to 8

Junior Detective

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