What hair color is right for you?

What hair color is right for you?

2019-02-25 21:25:08

Do you want to change your image dramatically? Start with hair, because the hairstyle can change us beyond recognition! If you want to make your image as effective as possible pass the test. It will help you to define a new hair color that will accentuate and reveal your beauty!

Choose your skin shade!




Light beige

Choose your eye color!





What is your natural hair color?

Dark blonde  

Light blonde  


Dark chestnut

Do you have freckles?

Yes, I do!


How does your skin react to the tan?

Excellent, I tan quickly without sunburns!

The skin gets red, I tan hardly!

What colors do prevail in your wardrobe?

Rich dark colors: red, brown, an blue

Bright summer colors: yellow, green, and blue

Neutral colors: black and white

Do you have gray hair?

Yes, I do.


Choose the natural color of your eyebrows!




What is your hair type?

Dry hair without lively gloss that is poorly combed, easily broken, and splited at the ends.

Fatty hair that gets an untidy appearance and greasy luster soon after it has been washed.

Normal hair that have beautifully shimmer in the light, isn't splited at the ends, is easily combed and doesn't require frequent washing.

Mixed hair type is observed in the owners of long hair with fat areas at the roots and dry and often splited ends.

Would you like to give more volume to your hair?!

Yes, of course!

No, I don't. Everything is good.

What do you think about bright and unusual hair colors?



I remain neutral!

Delicious caramel colors - a sweet girl!

Your eye color is light blue, green or blue. The skin is light and, as a rule, pale and slightly golden or pink. The skin turns red in the sun and you tan hardly. Choose the following hair dyes: golden yellow, linen, beige, golden brown, light brown, and caramel. Silver and pearl colors are more natural. We don't recommend the black color. It creates a sharp contrast with a pale face and makes it even paler!    

Beautiful blonde woman!

The skin is light of a cold light olive or light pink color. The tan is of olive-ash color. The eyes also have cold color: gray-blue, gray-green or black-brown. Choose a hair dye of a cold range. The following colors will suit you: light blond, ashy blond, light silver, platinum blond, and ashy brown!

Fire redhead!

Your skin is of a warm peach, apricot, bronze or ivory-white color. There are freckles. You tan hardly, and the skin has many sunburns. The eyes are usually warm brown with golden splashes, but they can also be gray-blue or green. Choose a hair dye of a warm range. Bright and rich colors will suit you including red, fiery copper, chestnut, and dark brown!

Burning black-haired woman!

Your skin is a light bluish and pink color. You have a weatish complexion. You eyes may be of dark colors. Contrast combinations comprising black and white colors will suit your face. Rich red colors will also suit you including ruby, cherry, and burgundy. A brown range of coffee and gray colors are good too. Choose any of these colors for hair coloring. Choose harsh colors with a cold bluish shine. Don't select a hair dye of warm colors with a golden or red glitter: copper, gold or red-brown colors.