Do You Know The Secrets Of Burak Özdemir's Dishes?

Do You Know The Secrets Of Burak Özdemir's Dishes?
Burak Ozdemir is a 26-year-old chef from Istanbul, that became famous all over the world thanks to his sincere and kind smile, as well as the incredible dishes that he cooks. He is well known for his videos of oversized kebabs and desserts. We have created a list of his best dishes that brought him fame. Let's see if you remember his recipes well!

One of Burak's most popular dishes is baked lamb shank. Why does the meat turn out to be so soft?

Meat should not be salted

It depends on the age of the lamb

All thanks to special spices

It's cooked slowly

Another dish is stuffed ribs. What is it usually served with?

With salad

With rice

With mashed potatoes

It is served without a side dish

Kebab is one of the most popular Turkish dishes. Burak Özdemir adds an unusual ingredient to it. What is it?





What kind of salt does he use for cooking his steaks?

Sea salt

Pink Himalayan salt

A mixture of salt and garlic

He doesn't add salt

Burak Özdemir loves cooking with special effects. How did he cook his Künefe?

He cooked it with his eyes closed

He was cooking it being turned upside down

He cooked it in the dark

He cooked it on the go

What did he use to make a huge kebab?

Truck wheel

Steering wheel of the ship



What did he make his famous huge fried eggs from?

A thousand of quail eggs

Two ostrich eggs

One hundred chicken eggs

Once he made a remake of a famous movie with his kebab. Which movie was it?

Blade Runner

The Terminator

The Matrix

Pulp Fiction

In what unusual place did he cook? It was an Instagram filter, but still

Metro station

Ottoman Palace



What is the main ingredient of all his dishes?

His smile


Turkish sauce

Local fruit-and-veg

The Chef's Apprentice

Turkish cuisine is still full of mysteries for you. Even despite the fact that such a famous chef as Burak Özdemir shares the recipes of his incredible dishes with the whole world. However, our test has revealed a few secrets to you. Now you know how to cook a huge kebab in the style of Özdemir! Send this quiz to your friends, let's see if they can do it better!

Chef In The Making

Of course, you have already heard about one of the most famous Turkish chefs Burak Özdemir. Surely you have also wondered how he manages to cook all these incredible dishes. Our test has opened the veil of secrecy for you! Send this quiz to your friends, let's see if they can do it better!

Professioanl Chef

Of course, you have heard a lot about one of the most famous chefs of Turkey, Burak Özdemir. You were so impressed by his incredible dishes that you decided to find out how he prepares them. You already know all the secrets of Özdemir cuisine. Therefore, you have easily answered all our questions! Send this quiz to your friends, let's see if they can do it better!