The Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF) by Raymond Cattell

The Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF) by Raymond Cattell
This questionnaire can help you identify the features of your character, talents, and interests. It will allow you to recognize patterns that form your behavior and personality. The questionnaire consists of statements that can evaluate 16 personality factors. Do you want to learn more about yourself? Take this test!

I have clearly understood the instructions to this questionnaire:

I am ready to answer the questions as honest as possible:

I would love to have a cottage:

In a busy city

In a residential area

In a quiet place

Deep in the woods

I feel enough strength to deal with my problems:

I feel a bit worried when I see wild animals, even if they are in closed cages:

I avoid criticizing people and their judgements:

I make sarcastic remarks about people, if I think they deserve it:

I prefer classical music to pop music:

I saw two kids fighting, I would…

Give them a chance to deal with the situation themselves

Look after them

Not be sure what to do

Help them to come to an agreement

When it comes to communicating with people, I am:

Extremely easy engaged into conversation

Easy engaged into conversation

Watching people talk, but can add a phrase or two

Not participating in conversation

In my opinion, the most interesting job is:


Something analytical

Something creative


I would rather stop to watch at the artist’s work than to listen to two people fighting:

I can get along with complacent people, despite them boasting and showing off:

I can see it on a person’s face that he is not being honest:

It would be great if vacations (breaks) were mandatory, and people would have to take them:

I would prefer a huge but unpredictable income than small and constant salary:

I can freely talk about my feelings:

I might suddenly feel worried or afraid from time to time:

I feel guilty, when I’m being criticized without reason or wrongly accused:

You can buy almost everything if you have money:

I make my decisions:

following my heart

rather following my heart than using brain

rather using brain than following my heart

using brain

Most people would be way happier, if they were closer to each other and did the same things as the others:

Sometimes, when I look in the mirror, I can’t tell where left and right side are:

When talking to someone, I prefer:

Immediately telling what’s on my mind

telling what’s on my mind rather than shaping my thoughts

shaping my thoughts rather than telling what’s on my mind

shaping my thoughts first, then talk

I quickly calm down myself, if someone makes me angry:

If all jobs had the same salary and schedule, I would prefer to be:

A carpenter

A chef

A waiter

A manager

How often were you appointed to perform public services:

“A shovel” relates to “dig” the same way as “a knife” relates to:




Sometimes, I can’t fall asleep because of obsessive thoughts in my mind:

I almost always reach all the goals I set in my life:

Prominent negative factors

Judging by your answers, we can make the following personality analysis based on 16 factors: Factor A - you are prone to rigidity, coldness, skepticism and aloofness. Things and objects attract you more than people. You prefer to work independently, avoiding compromises. Factor B - you tend to understand the information slower when you learn. You prefer a specific, literal interpretation of any information. Factor C - you have a low threshold for frustration, a changeable and flexible personality. Factor E - you tend to yield to other people, be submissive. You are often dependent and ready to admit your guilt. You have strive to obsessively follow rules and standards. Factor F - you are a slow, reserved person. Sometimes you can be gloomy, pessimistic, cautious. You are considered to be very accurate, clearly thinking and reliable. Factor G - a tendency to change goals, show ease in behavior, never make efforts to perform group tasks. Factor H - shy, evasive person, stay away from people, might chicken out. Usually you feel a sense of your own insufficiency. Factor I - practical, realistic, courageous, independent person, with a sense of responsibility, but skeptical about the subjective and cultural aspects of life. Factor L - tendency to be free from jealousy, lack of strive for competition. Factor M – you worry about doing the right thing, being practical, guided by the possible things and circumstances, take care of details. Factor N - you tend to lack sophistication, sentimentality and simplicity. Factor O - a serene person with a calm mood; you find it difficult yo freak out. Factor Q1 - you tend to be cautious and compromise with new people. Factor Q2 - you need to get support from the group, feel yourself dependent on the opinions of others. Factor Q3 - you rarely pay attention to social standards. Factor Q4 - a tendency to be relaxed, balanced and satisfied. What will this test tell you about your friends? Share the link with them!

More negative factors

Judging by your answers, we can make the following personality analysis on 16 factors: Factor A - reserved, detached, critical, cold person. Factor B - you are less intellectually developed, tend to think concretely. Factor C - sensitive, emotionally less stable person, easily upset. Factor E - modest, submissive, sweet, compliant, pliable, conformal, adaptable. Factor F - cautious, serious, silent and clearly thinking person. Factor G - a person who takes advantage of the situation, looks for benefits everywhere. You avoid following rules and don’t sense a strong sense of responsibility. Factor H - shy, reserved, insecure, fearful, timid person. Factor I - realistic person, with zero tolerance to meaninglessness. Factor L-trusting, adaptable, non-jealous, accommodating person. Factor M - practical, thorough, conventional person. Factor N - direct, natural, unsophisticated, sentimental person. Factor O - serene, trusting, calm person. Factor Q1 -conservative, tolerant to traditional difficulties person who respects principles. Factor Q2 – strong dependency on group, joining, a follower. Factor Q3 - internally undisciplined person with tendency to conflicts. Factor Q4 - relaxed, unfruitful person. What will this test tell you about your friends? Share the link to find out!

More positive factors

Judging by your answers, we can make the following analysis of your personality by 16 factors: Factor A – a person with tendency to look outside, easy to communicate, emotionally involved person. Factor B - you are more intellectually developed, have an abstract thinking and reasonable judgements. Factor C - emotionally stable, seeing the reality the way it is, active, mature person. Factor E - self-asserting, independent, aggressive, stubborn person. Factor F – impulsive, lively, cheerful, enthusiastic person. Factor G - conscious, persistent, settled person with obligations. Factor H - adventurous, socially bold, spontaneous person. Factor I - dependent, not fully free from the will of others. Factor L - suspicious, having his own opinion. Factor M - imaginative person, immersed in his own needs. Factor N - cunning, sophisticated, insightful person. Factor O - anxious, worried person. Factor Q1 -experimenting person with free thinking. Factor Q2 - offering his own solutions, enterprising person. Factor Q3 - socially accurate, following the concept of Self person. Factor Q4 - tense person with excessive reactions. What will this test tell you about your friends? Share the link with them to find out!

Prominent positive factors

Judging by your answers, we can make the following analysis of your personality by 16 factors: Factor A - a tendency to kindness, communication, expressing emotions. Factor B - you quickly perceive and memorize new information when learning. Factor C - an emotionally mature, stable, unflappable person. Factor E - you are a self-confident person with an independent opinion. Factor F - a cheerful, active, talkative, carefree person. Factor G - you are self-demanding, guided by a sense of duty. Factor H - a sociable, bold person. Factor I- you are dreamy and picky. Factor L - a doubting person, you are often immersed in your inner world. Factor M - you never worry about daily routine, you have a creative imagination. Factor N - sophisticated, experienced person, a socialite. Factor O - you tend to be gloomy, restless. Factor Q1 - you have tolerance toward changes, have a skeptical nature. Factor Q2 - you are independent, tend to live your own life. Factor Q3 - you care about your reputation. Factor Q4 - a tendency to tension, excitability. What will this test tell you about your friends? Share the link with them to find out!