Can You Identify These Gemstones?

Can You Identify These Gemstones?
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What's the name of this old cut of the central gem?

A rose cut diamond features a flat bottom with a dome-shaped crown reaching an apex. In the 15th century, rose cut diamonds were wide widespread. Also, a rose cut was very popular among the masters of Amsterdam and Antwerp in the 18th and the 19th century.

Rose cut

Dandelion cut

Mimosa cut

Daisy cut

What's the name of this gem cutting style?

The most popular cut among diamonds. Probably this is so, because the light hits facets in the most advantageous way. During this cut of a diamond there are much more waste than during any other style of cut, which makes this type of diamond not only the most popular but also one of the most expensive ones.





What's the name of this gem cutting style?

Jewelers searched for a new form of diamond, which on a par with the round cut could capture all the beauty and play of colors. Thus, in 1971, Basil Watermeyer invented the Barion cut with 80 facets and it was the forerunner to the Princess cut. Later, the Quadrillion cut appeared, it resembled Barion, but had only 49 facets. As a result of the quest for a compromise between these two cuts, their logical continuation appeared – a cut with 65 facets – Princess, and there were 75 facets for larger gems. The distinctive feature of the Princess cut is that the brilliant color shades are concentrated in the corners.





What's the name of this gem cutting style?





What's the name of this gem cutting style?

When choosing this style of cut, the master’s professionalism is very important since a cut diamond should have a clear symmetry. This applies especially to the point of constriction since it is where the effects of light are concentrated in the diamonds of this form. One of the world’s biggest brilliants – The Star of Africa – is also pear shaped, although a special 74-facet cut was developed for it.





What's the name of this gem cutting style?

From a technical point of view this is the simplest form of cutting. Baguette diamonds are used for framing the large center diamond in jewelry or for making a single sparkling line in bracelets and necklaces.



French loaf


What's the name of this gem cutting style?

A brilliant weighting more than 15 carats resembling modern Marquis was in the brilliant collection of Cardinal Mazarin who lived in the epoch of early Baroque – that time these brilliants were called Navette meaning a canoe or a small boar and they were cut from the diamonds of an elongated form. The boat form is sometimes called Marquise. According to a legend, the name comes from the time of Louis the Fourteenth, the Sun King, who having decided to pop the question to marquise de Pompadour, ordered to make a gem, which would resemble the Marquise’s smile.





What's the name of the cutting of the central gem?

An Asscher cut was developed in the beginning of the 20th century. It is a hybrid of an Emerald and a Radiant cut. Asscher has a stepped form, which resembles a square and has more tiers than an Emerald cut. An Asscher cut is considered the most striking, but the most expensive at the same time. The peak of the popularity of this style of cut fell at 1930 and now it’s in demand for men’s jewelry.





What's the name of this gem cutting style?

The Trilliant brilliant has the form of an equilateral triangle. This is the most modern style of gemstone cut from the mentioned ones – Trilliant is no more than 50 years. Triangular brilliants are mainly used as an accent for central rectangle gems, for example, Princess, Emerald or Radiant. In rare cases, a well matched Trilliant can be also the original brilliant of the centre of the composition.





What's the name of this gem cutting style?

Cushion is a wide-faceted cut with four rounded corners and gibbous sides. This style of gem cutting is also known as the pillow cut. The cushion cut was firstly used in the beginning of the 20th century, this is a modified form of cutting with the table. Since then the cut form has continued to get new directions. Thus, cushion modified appeared, and Tiffany jewelry house developed and uses the rectangular cushion cut. Cushion cut brilliants can be very much different from each other - since cutting masters try to preserve the gem weight and improve its appearance.





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