Free & Fast Attachment Style Test

Free & Fast Attachment Style Test
Why do we behave one way when we're in a romantic relationship? This is a difficult question, but determining your attachment style can help. Take the quiz to find out how you treat your partner and what you think about relationships!

How do you feel when your partner is close to you? Very close.

Great. I feel safe

Better than I'm alone


Have you ever thought that your significant other may fall out of love with you?

Of course, since it happens pretty often. So I worry too.

No, it won't happen!

It would be me, most likely

How do you feel after fighting?

I think everything's over

Fighting is ok, it happens

We just needed to take a rest from each other

When you share your emotions with the partner, what reaction do you expect?

I'm afraid he/she won't understand me

I prefer to keep my emotions to myself

He/she always understands and supports me

Is it hard for you to support your partner if he/she failed?

Personal freedom is more important than any relationship. Do you agree?

When your significant other feels bad and sad, do you know how to fix it?

Yes, I know what may cheer him/her up

And what if it's me the cause of this mood? Then I don't know what to do

No, he/she needs to overcome it on his/her own

Do you like the idea that being in a relationship people become dependent on each other?

If your partner starts acting more discreetly, what will you think first?

There's something wrong with me

We need to talk asap, maybe I can help

It's better not to get in, that's not my business

Do you think what you will do when you break up?

No, why should I? This won't happen

Yes, since I won't find anyone ever

It happens, I'll find another one

Is it hard for you to express your feelings in relation to your partner?

How badly do you miss your other half when he/she's not there?

Safe attachment style

You're a wonderful partner since you reveal yourself as a warm and loving person, enjoy intimacy, not worrying about the relationship's status too much. You can open up to your other half, tell what you think about; when your partner is upset, you offer support and understanding. Besides, you don't like to speak about your relationship much, choosing to happily stay in the background. Share this quiz with your friends. Let's determine their attachment style!

Anxious attachment style

Those who have the anxious attachment style like to be close to the partner. However, these are supersensitive people who catch the slightest changes in the partner's mood or behavior and tend to take these fluctuations to heart. That's why when your partner asks to postpone a date, you may wonder if it happens because of some problems, offense or annoyance. Share this quiz with your friends. Let's determine their attachment style!

Escaping attachment style

Partners with escaping attachment style put their independence over their romantic relationships and don't want to depend on another person too much. They usually feel uncomfortable because of over-the-top closeness in the relationship - emotional or physical one and can try to create a distance by all means: not answering the phone and messages, putting work or hobby above the relationship or focusing on partner's drawbacks instead of merits Share this quiz with your friends. Let's determine their attachment style!