How Much Of A Bitch Are You?

How Much Of A Bitch Are You?

Being a bitch is a kind of art. This is not just impudence and insolence. This is self-confidence, striving to get your hands on the best things, with a touch of egoism. Do you recognize yourself in the description or do you prefer to be quiet and shy? Answer some questions and we will reveal the truth! 

You agreed about a meeting at 7 p.m. You're in the right place, but there is no-one. What will you do?

I'm on time an at the right place? Never! I am always at least 15 minutes late

I'll wait for a while and then, angrily, I'll be on my way.

No means no. I will leave!

I’ll wait, call, ask what’s wrong. I’ll wait a little more

How do you listen to music?

I'm always with portable speakers

In headphones, but louder

In my car, maximum volume!

In headphones to make no one hear it

Imagine you need to choose an extra subject for university. What do you want to study?


Political science, persuasion of the masses, something of that kind



What chocolate do you like most?

Only bitter. 82% cocoa. And don't even try to offer something esle.

Everybody knows - white - end of story

Well, any

Milk, of course

You want to meet a friend at a cafe. How will you get there?

I have my personal driver

I'll take the bus or underground

I'll call a taxi. Ideally, Uber

By foot, it's near

So, you are at the cafe. Do you have food preferences?

No, I like any food

I'm a vegetarian

I prefer natural healthy products

Yes. Gluten-free, everything natural and organic

You start to talk to a stranger with this phrase:

Hello. I'd like to know..

Good afternoon! Excuse me, please, could you...?

Well, I need...

Hi. I need...

Is it easy for you to forgive people?

Yes, but I do remember unpleasant things

No, a few deserve it

Not so easy

Of course! Peace, friendship, chewing gum

If you don't like something, you...

I'll let everybody know it

I'll put up with it but bear it in mind

I'll say it to someone who is doing something wrong

Not a big deal. I can sustain it once

Describe yourself in a word...





You don't say anything bad..:

behind someone's back

to a person right in their face. You need to be more careful

about anyone, anywhere

to someone about someone

When you're talking to someone, you try:

To make a good impression

Not to step on toes

Clearly to express your stand

To show that the talker, probably, doesn’t understand anything in this life

You're a bitch with an angel's face

When people just meet you or in case of not-so-close communication you look very timid and quiet girl. Your goal is to make people like you. But if someone puts you in a temper, all your softness immediately gets covered with thorns. That's why it's better not to argue with you and try to keep warm friendly relations. Tell your friends about your result – let's see who is actually on your side!

A bitch is awake in you

The art of bitchiness can be learned from you. If a situation is not to your liking, you speak bluntly, never keep silent nor try to get along. You directly and straightforwardly state what you don't like. This can scare some people, but generally, this character trait is a plus. Tell your friends about your result – let's see who does surround you in fact!

100% bitch!

You don't just like to give nasty looks to everyone and everything in your way - this gives you incredible enjoyment. You stay aside, if someone gets into trouble, especially if this person did something wrong to you in the past. We'll have more - it is you who will do everything to make troubles for him as soon as possible! Tell your friends about your result – let's see who does surround you in fact!

You don't even know what does it mean to be a bitch

Open a dictionary and find what the bitch word means. It's not about you at all, isn't it? No matter how negatively events could evolve, you try to settle everything, not to slam anyone and help everybody. Your kindness and patience can be admired. Tell your friends about your result – let's see who does surround you in fact!