Am I A Perfectionist?

2019-08-13 07:40:15
Am I A Perfectionist?
Perfectionism is the cancer of our time when everyone talks about success and deadlines. And do you strive for excellence? Take the test and find out!

You spend a lot of time even doing a small work because you check everything a few times.

How does your flat/house look like?

Everything is in its place, carefully matched by colors

Quite cozy, it's only a mess in the wardrobe

A lot of diverse things, a creative chaos

What picture do you like most?

Of course, this one

Of course, this one

Of course, this one

Your face when you're offered to try something new, for example, shooting a crossbow.

Assess your anxiety because of your duties.

Your motto is a feast or a famine

Do you place heavy demands on your partner?

Yes, I demand a lot

Sometimes I don't notice it

No, no one is perfect

Assess the importance of praise for the job you made.

You often feel "not good enough".

What store you would go to?

A beautiful one

A cozy one

A cheap one

Do you often feel shame and guilt?

Yes, very often


No, that's not about me

It's hard for you to decide what to order at the café

Do you physically feel the effects of stress?

Yes, I often have headache/belly-ache

Sometimes I feel bad after severe stress

Hardly ever

Assess how much important for you to be the best in your occupation

You painfully respond to criticism

Do you suffer from binge eating disorder, often keep to a strict diet?

Yes, all the time



You're a true perfectionist

You're a great employee/wonderful parent/the best student or pupil. Your strive for excellence is good on you but maybe you should relax a little and let yourself not making efforts in something? Share the test result to let your friends check themselves too ;)

You strive for excellence

It can't be said that you're an enthusiastic perfectionist, but you often think that you could do something better. We support you in your endeavors but remember that excessive idealism is harmful to the nervous system. Share the test result to let your friends check themselves too ;)

You don't suffer from perfectionism

Based on your answers, you rarely suffer from the realization that you should do everything in a perfect way. Maybe, you're just a little bit lazy but you run no risk of burnout! Share the test result to let your friends check themselves too ;)