Are You In A Healthy Relationship?

Are You In A Healthy  Relationship?
When starting a new relationship, each partner hopes that it will be strong and long. However, the feeling of anxiety can replace the joy of being together. This can be a normal reaction, or a sign to be worried about. Answer the quiz questions and find out!

When you aren't together, do you keep in touch with each other?

Of course! Thanks God, there's Internet

Rarely, then the meaning of our relationship vanishes

No, we don't need it

When you get very tired from work, do you tell your partner about it?

Probably, no. Don't want to trouble anybody

Yes, the relationship is made for this

No, nobody can help me

Your partner for you is…

A partner in life

A soulmate

An old friend

How do you feel being in a relationship?

What is lovesickness for you?

Butterflies in my stomach

A moment when you realize that you bring out the best in each other

Sexual drive

What do you usually speak about?

Work or studies

Life in general

Our future

What do you feel when your significant other cancels the planned date?

I'm happy deep inside

I'm hurt a little, but ok

I'm upset

Do you often mock at each other?

Yes, besides, hurtfully. It’s kind of psychological defense

It's all in good fun

No, we aren't good at jokes

If your partner is offered a one-year business trip, what will you do?

Great! We'll go together

Let him go, I don't care

I'll ask him to refuse

What does keep your relationship?

Shared memories

Shares interests and passions

We're good together

A wonderful relationship

You have a strong relationship full of mutual understanding and there's nothing to worry about. Probably, sometimes you're not satisfied with something but you can discuss it, and the problem will disappear as if by magic. Every couple has fights and hard moments but you love and appreciate each other - and this is the main thing. Your couple has a bright future! Tell your friends about this quiz, let's help them with advice!

Hard times

Now your couple is in a state of crisis. Everything seems not so bright as it was at the beginning. But you still love and appreciate each other and these feelings can save your relationship. You shouldn't give up in any case. Once a problem emerges you need to discuss it, the solution will appear by itself. Don't lose heart, your couple has a bright future! Tell your friends about this quiz, let's help them with advice!

A painful relationship

This relationship hurts not only you but also your partner. Yes, it's always hard to break up, but you both understand that you can't keep that up. If your union is truly important to you, it's necessary to work on building a strong and trustful relationship. This is quite a long and hard process, but if you want to save the old feelings, it's worth it. Tell your friends about this quiz, let's help them with advice!