A Quiz to Help Determine if You're Pregnant

A Quiz to Help Determine if You're Pregnant
There could be a ton of explanations for your moodiness, stomach troubles, and temper. This quiz will help you determine if it might be a pregnancy!

Admit it: did your weight change in recent weeks? (We won't tell anybody)

Well... yes

But how did you know about potato fries for breakfast?

Friends say that I didn’t. But I don’t think so

Are you crazy? I look after each inch. I’ll never allow it to happen

Does your back hurt?

No! If you don’t want anything to hurt, play sports

It happens. Mom says I caught a chill

It happens it aches below

Yeah, it happens it seizes so that I cannot unbend

When did you feel giddy last time?

Sometimes I have headache, but don't feel giddy

It always happens

Don't even remember when

Recently it was so stuffy that I scarcely swooned

What would you eat right now?

Herring with icecream

Sweets, many sweets

Don't even know. I've suddenly fallen out of love with anything what I ate before

Drink water if you want to eat

Do you have a favourite perfume?

I don’t like perfume at all, it is unhealthy

Yes, of course

I use everything what I have at hand

Yes, I had. But now it makes me sick

Do you feel sick?

No, this is a sign of something bad

Yes, often in the morning

If only because of boring studies/work

Yes, in the morning. Especially if I drank too much alcohol yesterday

Let's find out what are you thinking about kids:

Some of them are just sweetpies

This is difficult, but it's worth it

Kids are a lot of fun

They’re very cute until they annoy me

Do you have brothers or sisters?

Yes, several

No, thank you

A brother/sister

Yes, but we talk too little

Tell about your plans for the future in a sentence:

First you need to get back on your feet and then we’ll see

You can successfully combine career and marriage. The main thing is not to hurry

To start a family. This is the main thing in life!

I don’t know, I’m at a loss. I don’t understand what is waiting for me, everything changes so quickly

What could bring you happiness?

A good book

A trip

A meeting with friends

Delicious food

Do you know what are mood swings?

Oh, yes, everybody tells me I’m very emotional

I don't know, I brush them aside

Yes, recently it’s hard to keep it together

Yes, but I know how to deal with them

Could it happen that you feel a sudden surge of energy?

No, everything is stable

I'm always full of energy

No, but I'm somehow tired

Yeah, especially when I'm on a deadline

What mom will you be?

I didn't think about it. As luck would have it

Caring at most since I know myself how a strong shoulder is important

Moderately strict, but very loving and caring

Oh, I just read a book about this, so…

Two lines!

This test is definitely not meant to give an accurate result, but in your case this is clear. Your symptoms are so obvious that it seems you're 7 months pregnant. Well, congrats! Being a mother is a hard but wonderful matter worthy of respect. It may safely be said that you'll be a good mom. But don't forget about strictness too. Share this happy news with all your friends and be ready to take congrats and kind words!

Pregnant? This is temporary

Some symptoms you definitely have. But most probably it's just a bad day, character traits or changes of magnetic fields. Certainly, you'll be a good mom, but it's still too early. And all these strange signs can be explained by trivial stress and fatigue. We advise you to complain to your friends about a strict boss, a guy that stepped on your foot in the bus and a perky taxi driver, share this result and think up something cool to take a rest and chill out!  

Never and not for the world!

Pregnancy? Even this word sets your teeth on edge! You still have a long way to go before you realize that you eventually want to have a baby. And now you're more interested in career, self-development, studies and a number of other exciting things. Notably, pumpers, bibs, and naps aren't included in this list. You are more interested in spending time with friends, in the last resort - alone with yourself, but not with always crying, needing food and something you don't know creature! But try not to forget about simple joys of motherhood behind all these ambitions and rush for success!

Are you ready? Always ready!

You get along with children so well that you're already ready to have your own. However, so far you're probably not pregnant. You're already dreaming about a baby crib in the room, choosing wallpapers for the child's room and clothes for him/her. The birth of a baby will probably be the most important stage in your life. And everything should be ready for it. Due to the small age gap, your mutual understanding will be better, and joint growing-up can be even exciting! Share the results with your friends, you'll discuss together what to do when teeth come in!