Quiz: Are You Sabotaging Your Relationships?

Quiz: Are You Sabotaging Your Relationships?
Can't seem to build a strong and long relationship with men? There can be numerous reasons and one of them is you! There are hundreds of ways to spoil a relationship with the opposite sex, some you may not know about. If you think something's wrong with your behavior, take the quiz and find out!

When your partner shares his success with you, even insignificant one, how do you usually react?

I say I'm proud of him

I shrug my shoulders. Well, what about it?

I just give a smile. He knows that I'm happy

I tell about my friend who made it better. I think it will inspire him

Do you discuss with him what you're discontented with in your relationship?

Yes, indeed

Yes, although it's hard for me

No, let him guess

No. I'll grin and bear it

Do you help your beloved one in household chores?

I'm not a servant girl, okay?

No. I let him feel his independence this way

Yes, this is common care

I don't always get a chance but I try to

If you have an argument, what are the odds that you'll ask your female friend to interfere?

If you feel coldness from him, what will you do?

I'll call, text, come. We need to talk!

I'll try to figure out carefully what's wrong

I'll leave. I cannot stand this attitude

I won't show that something's wrong. I'll bear and wait

Most often, you start your ask to the young man with these words:

Listen, you have to…

It would really help me, if you...

Couldn't you…

Don't you think that it's high time to…

How often do you spend time together?

I try to be there day and night

I try to give him personal space

We see each other rarely. I need time for myself

If you see that he's talking to a very attractive girl, what will you say about her afterward?

What's the best way to attract his attention?

To make him jealous

The recipe is simple - to demonstrate care and attention

I read it recently in the magazine, "You need to be different, interesting, intriguing"

Do you share your secrets with him?

Of course! I told him everything straightaway. I have nothing to hide

No, he doesn't need to know them

If I feel I can tell them - I do it

There's your fault too

No matter how much you love each other, the idyll cannot last forever if you constantly add to your relationship all your nerves, limitless imagination and love for a tragic outcome. And it seems you're a professional in this area. Just try to be a little bit tolerable to your partner, trust him more and give time to think it over. It's gonna get better soon! Tell your friends about his quiz. Perhaps, they also need advice!

No one to blame

Your relationship is in decline but this is not your fault. Otherwise, you do your best to help you and your partner to get out of this situation. Yes, this is not easy and sometimes it seems that you make mistakes. But this is not the case. Just try not to take everything to heart, it's gonna get better soon! Tell your friends about his quiz. Perhaps, they also need advice!