What Type Of Learner Are You?

What Type Of Learner Are You?
We all perceive the world differently, but psychologists distinguish three main types of information perception: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners. Take the test and find out what type you are!

Image the soft coat of a cat. What image did appear first?

First, I imagined the image of a cat and then its coat.

First, I imagined purring, meowing and then the cat's coat.

I immediately recognize what a soft coat it has

When do you understand that you've lost weight?

When the scales show it

When someone says it

When my clothes become too loose

What do you pay attention to when buying a new smartphone?

I'll look through technical data

I'll listen to the sound and check out dynamics

I'll take it in hand to understand whether I feel comfortable

It was a party yesterday. What will you recall first?

The clothes of other guests

Talks with friends

Tasty drinks

Having heard familiar music outside, you're...

Trying to understand where the sound comes from


Associating the music with some events

What do you usually do being at a quarrel?

I put on an angry face

I yell and swear

I leave and slam the door

What do you like about movies?

Beautiful shootings



You come to see the exhibition of contemporary art. What will you do first?

I'll examine the gallery plan

I'll take an audio-guide

I'll check whether there are exhibits to touch

What will you probably buy for your house?

A painting or a poster

A fireplace with a sound of crackling woods

Comfortable pillows

What would you choose at leisure?


Going to the concert

Riding a bicycle

If you decide to start something new, for example, quail farming, what will you start with?

Studying theme-based books

Watching tutorials

First, I'll get a quail

You're waiting in line at the ticket office at the railway station. What are you doing while waiting?

I look at people

I listen to train announcements

I flip through my passport

What café you most probably won't come back to?

With a gaudy design

With too loud music

With bad food

How do you read up for exams?

Reading summaries

Retelling questions

Making cards with questions

What do you pay attention to when choosing a bunch of flowers?

The color and shape of the buds

Florist's tips

Smell of flowers

What would you likely post on Instagram after a journey?

Photos of beautiful places


Photos of local food

You're a Visual Learner

You perceive the world visually, in other words, through the eyes. Visual images are important to you and your visual memory is well-developed. You likely use the next words and phrases: "look", "bright", "stays before my eyes"," beautiful words". You should use tables and charts for studies and work - they let you remember as much information as possible.

You're an Auditory Learner

You have a very pronounced audial type of perception. We may bet, one of your favorite things to do is listening to music, right? You easily grasp the meaning of the phrases pronounced aloud without visual support. Probably, you often use these words and phrases: "listen", "loud", "sounds great". The best option for you in studies and work is to listen to audio-lectures, record information on a voice recorder.

You're a Kinesthetic Learner

You perceive the world by feel, using touching, smelling. You appreciate comfort and also experience strong feelings. Your muscle memory is well-developed. You likely use the next words and expressions in your speech: "that's pleasant", "I can feel", "to get in touch with". To remember the information you need to use it in practice.