Are These Animals Poisonous?

Are These Animals Poisonous?
What if you suddenly found yourself on a desert island inhabited by dangerous animals? Do you know which ones are poisonous? Your chances of survival depend on your knowledge, so check it with our test!

The blue-tailed skink gets its name from its tail. Are they poisonous?

The snail has a shell on its back, there are also sea snails and fresh water snails.

The crown of thorns starfish is spiky and poses a threat to predators. Is this crown of thorns starfish poisonous?

Sea slugs are snails not slugs and sometimes referred to as a sea cucumber. Are sea slugs poisonous?

A hermit crab lives in its shell and migrates to a larger shell if needed, are they poisonous?

The guinea pig is a pet that most have in their homes, they were domesticated in 5000 BC for food. Are they poisonous?

The piranha is known for their sharp teeth and powerful jaws. Are they poisonous?

The striped rocket frog is prey to cats, birds, and foxes, but are they poisonous?

The daddy long-legs spider has a small round body with thin hair-like legs. Are they poisonous?

The saddleback caterpillar is mostly green with brown at the ends and a white ring in the center of the green. Are these caterpillars poisonous?

The brown tailed moth has its name from its nearly all white body and its brown tail. Is it poisonous?

Bumblebees usually are fuzzy with black and yellow bodies, but are they poisonous?

This orange and black Monarch butterfly has a wingspan of 3 1/2 -4 inches. Are they poisonous?

Cane toads are mostly brown and 4-6 inches in length. Are they poisonous?

The giant silkworm caterpillar is 2 inches long and has colors ranging from green to brown. Is it poisonous?

The Arctic hare has adapted to the living conditions in the Arctic tundra and sometimes they will dig under the snow to keep warm. Are they poisonous?

Sea turtles usually have 50-350 eggs a clutch and tend to lay 1-8 clutches a season. Are sea turtles poisonous?

The male pheasant has bright colored feathers and a long tail. Is the pheasant poisonous?

The blue-capped ifrit gets its name from its blue capped head. Is it poisonous?

The quail is an omnivore that is small in body size. Is it poisonous?

The horn shark is gray, black, brown, and yellow with smooth skin and ridges above the eyes. Are they poisonous?

Box jellyfish have the appearance of a box-like bell and from each of the four lower corners hang a short stalk which has at least one long and slender tentacle. Are they poisonous?

The giant clam is 35-47 inches big in size, weighing in at 220-440 pounds, but is it poisonous?

Dragonflies are long bodied and large winged insects that come in all colors. Do you think that they are poisonous?

There are red ants, brown ants, and black ants that all feed on leaves and other items. Are all ants poisonous?

Gray, black, green, brown, and yellow are the colors of the tiger salamander. Is it poisonous?

The scorpionfish have a type of sting in the form of sharp spines, but are they poisonous?

The thorny dragon is a reptile with spiky skin and water channels throughout its body. Is it poisonous?

This snake is an average of 4-6 feet in length and feed off small mammals. Is the bullsnake poisonous?

The moray eel is usually found in warm and temperate waters all over the waters but are they poisonous?

A millipede has a segmented body and 80-400 legs, they also black, yellow, orange, brown, or red color. Is it poisonous?

The boxfish has gotten its name for its hexagonal patterns on its skin. Are they poisonous?

Ranging from light brown to olive or brownish-black on top, as well as the legs and head; the tail is an orange and yellow. The rough-skinned newt wards off predators with a chemical, but are they poisonous?

These tiny red bodies and black spotted beetles are located mostly in North America, but are these ladybugs poisonous?

These brown insects feed on books starches, bread, fruit, leather, and other items, making them an omnivore. Is the cockroach poisonous?

This black and white caterpillar with black tufts along its back may look cute, but it the hickory tussock caterpillar poisonous?

Houseflies are omnivores and live up to 25 days. Are they poisonous?

Tiger keelback have a dorsal color pattern of olive green with black and bright orange crossbars or spots from the neck down on the first third of its body. Is this snake poisonous?

These large insects are noticeable by the courtship calls of the male cicadas. Are they poisonous?

The brown marmorated stink bug is less than one inch long and about as wide; its body is in the shape of a shield. Is this insect poisonous?

Blister beetle larvae are insectivorous and feed off bees or grasshopper eggs while the adult blister beetles feed off flowers and leaves of plants. Are they poisonous?

Slow Loris have big eyes, a narrow snout, a unique color pattern, and are nocturnal, but are they poisonous?

The cuttlefish has a red, blue, yellow, pink, green, orange, brown, and white smooth body but is it poisonous?

Although some mice are domesticated and kept as pets, is the house mouse poisonous?

The click beetle has a long brown segmented body. Is the click beetle poisonous?

The eastern American toad is green, gray, yellow, brown, and black with rough bumpy skin. Is the eastern American toad poisonous?

Peacocks are usually found in the desert or savanna areas, eating grain, seeds, and bugs. Is the peacock poisonous?

The average life span of a snapping turtle is twenty to thirty years; it lives in rivers, lakes, and marshlands. Is the snapping turtle poisonous?

No chance to survive

With such knowledge in the field of zoology, you will not survive on a desert island, in the desert, or in the taiga. You trust any animal that looks harmless. But appearances are so often deceptive! Send this quiz to your friends, let's see if they can do it better!

Be more careful

With such knowledge in the field of zoology, you have a chance to survive on a desert island, in the desert, or in the taiga. However, be careful and do not let yourself be deceived. After all, many animals look quite harmless, but the appearance can be deceptive! Send this quiz to your friends, let's see if they can do it better!

You're safe

With such knowledge in the field of zoology, you have all the chances to survive on a desert island, in the desert, or in the taiga. You know perfectly well that the appearance of an animal can be deceptive, so you will not let yourself be deceived. This is a great result! Send this quiz to your friends, let's see if they can do it better!