Am I Decisive? Take This Personality Test to Find Out

Am I Decisive? Take This Personality Test to Find Out
Do you act first, then think? Or run through a thousand scenarios in your head before taking a decisive step? Answers to these questions depend on your decisiveness - an ability to make a choice timely, willingness to take responsibility for it, and the ability to risk something significant and important to increase it. Let's measure the level of your determination. Let's get started!

First, tell us, do you believe in love at first sight?

Oh yes! Chemistry, storm, madness

No, it happens only in stupid movies

I’d like to believe, but it happens so rarely

Do you already have plans for the weekend?

I’ll go to the movies. Or meet with a friend. Or maybe I should stay home

Well, yes. I generally know what I’ll do

There’s plenty of time before the weekend. We’ll figure it out then and there

You probably have a very shy friend. What a piece of advice do you usually give him?

To do something crazy. After that, shyness will vanish as if by magic

To talk to friends, to share something he’s worried about

Usually, I'm that friend

If you have to move, what would worry you most?

How to furnish an apartment in the coziest way

Ooooh, I won’t be able to sleep. A new place, new people, all that stuff

How to make new friends

You're sitting next to your friend who is constantly champing at the table. Your actions?

I'll say, "Enough!"

Well, that’s my part. I’ll sit and listen to how it is tasty all night long

I’ll put up with it. If it’s too bad, I’ll carefully throw out a hint

If someone is writing a book about you, the main character would be:


Ostap Bender. I adore ventures

The little prince. That smart guy

It's your first date, romantics. How will you behave?

I'm worrying. The first date after all

I try to appear as better as I’m. Everybody does it!

I need to relax and behave the way I behave in everyday life

If you slumber a meeting away, you...

I’ll tell the truth and apologize. Yes, it was stupid not to set the alarm

I'll feel ashamed

I’ll make up a sob story about an old lady I had to help to cross the road

A taxi driver who is driving you home gets pretty brazen – he stops at the beginning of the street and doesn’t want to drive you to your porch. Besides, you have luggage in the boot

I need to tell him. I will pay the money after all

I'll ask insistently, but politely

Well, my luggage is not so heavy and it’s not far away

Can you commit a small crime for the beloved one's sake?

No problems. What's the plan?

I need to think about it

Are you crazy? What if they put me in jail?

What will you say at the festive table?

A long speech about how we are all happy and all that. I spent a week on preparation for a reason

Something short and essential

No need to tell something, you need to drink!

You got stuck in a terrible traffic jam, and your plane departs in two hours. What will you do?

I’m frantically googling the next flight

I’ll call everybody and ask what to do

This is my fate. It means I shouldn’t fly in this plane

Do you want to move to other country?

I packed my suitcase long ago

I like it here

Yes, I think about it

Guests have come to your place all of a sudden. Your reaction?

Super! I'm always excited at taking in guests

What’s the point to stay here? Let’s go to a cafe

O dear, I have a mess here!

To be or not to be?

You like the character of a Shakespeare's drama don't know what choice is better to make and what it can result in. You're not only afraid of making decisions but also don't even want to think about it to not to bring on additional responsibility and all these terrible words. A million questions, constant bits of advice of friends and people you know and hours of expectation before doing something at last. You may even sink into brain freeze because of the need to buy a regular T-shirt. Add a little bit more spontaneity, it won't do any harm! Venture upon something right now! Share your result, for example. It can be the first step, can't it?

Decision is your second name

You have no problems with decision making - you make them almost at the professional level. Quicky and always to the point. However, business, which requires more attention or can burden you causes some hesitation. Something tiresome is also against the hair. On the plus side, you make an important choice quite carefully, weighing all the pros and cons, you do not escape problems, which require actions here and now. You can rely on your experience and trust your intuition. They'll always point towards the right decisions. For example, to share this result with your friends!  

Measure thrice and cut once

This folk wisdom was invented for a reason. It really has something you need to take to heart. It's hard to find a person who is more decisive than you, but you often disregard things, which you consider small and insignificant, rushing into something before you could think twice. However, sometimes you need to give thought to possible consequences and results. Next time try to weigh all the pros and cons before engaging in yet another undertaking. But first, tell your friends about the result. You have nothing to think about here!