Only a Chef Can Identify All 30 Kitchen Gadgets from this Quiz

Only a Chef Can Identify All 30 Kitchen Gadgets from this Quiz
Some kitchen utensils look so that a simple person can not make out what they are needed for. Although most of them are very useful, you only need to understand how they work. Let's see if you understand these tools! At the same time, we'll find out who watches the most cooking shows!

Do you know the name of this newfangled kitchen utensil combo?





Which cutting tool is in this photo?

Biscuit cutter

Pasta roller

Pastry wheel

Pizza wheel

Can you identify this spring-loaded spoon?

Coffee scoop

Springform spoon

Cookie scoop

Bar spoon

What's the name of this rainbow-shaped cutter?

Fluted pastry wheel

Pastry dough blender

Pie shield

Bread lame

Can you name this handy kitchen helper?

Soap dish

Citrus juicer

Sponge saver

Egg poacher

Grill masters use these claws for...

Checking doneness

Shredding meat

Protection from bears

Flipping burgers

Can you name this angled blade?

Dough scraper


Icing spatula

Fish spatula

Do you know the name of this crushing tool?

Nut cracker

Garlic press

Meat tenderizer

Food mill

Which slicing gadget is shown here?

Hot dog slicer

Grape slicer

Carrot slicer

Egg slicer

What's the name of this cylindrical food prep tool?

Pastry blender

Roly poly

Rolling pin

Mortar and pestle

Whip up dessert toppings and homemade soups with this...

Immersion blender

Brulee torch

Sous vide

Whirling dervish

What is this holey metal box called?


Cheese grater

Callus remover


What's the name of this carving tool?

Bowl scraper

Melon baller

Scone scooper

Double spooner

This kitchen apparatus clamps onto a table. Can you name it?

Stand mixer

Pasta machine

Potato peeler

Meat grinder

What is the name of this kitchen (or pharmacy) duo?

Tom and Jerry

Mortar and pestle

Bowl and blade

Wok and roll

What's the name of the handy gadget shown here?


Coconut tool

Bagel slicer

Avocado slicer

Do you know the name of this grinder?

Nutmeg grinder

Coffee mill

Pepper mill

Burr grinder

Can you identify these circular cooking receptacles?

Cookie cutters

Egg rings

Measuring cups

Dumpling makers

You could call this a flipper, turner or...


Fly swatter

Grill press


Dunk this in hot water to make


Hot toddy



What kind of tray is this?

Cheese board

Chip and dip

Ice cube tray

Gravy boat

If you don't have one of these, you could use a paper towel or new toothbrush instead. What is it?

Silicone tickler

Mop brush

Pastry brush

Filbert brush

What should you do with this ridged mallet?

Crack eggs

Express frustration

Play the marimba

Tenderize meat

What are these 5-blade scissors called?

Pizza scizza

Poultry shears

Herb scissors

Seafood scissors

Can you identify this hinged kitchen apparatus?

Egg slicer



Onion peeler

This serrated type of knife is used to cut what?





What's the name of this handy food prep tool?

Bowl scraper

Burger press

Bent spatula

Potato masher

This multipurpose tool has been a kitchen helper for generations. It's a...

Pasta maker

Olive pitter

Apple peeler, slicer and corer


What kind of spoon is this?

Spaghetti spoon

Back scratcher spoon

Horn spoon

Grapefruit spoon

What is the name of this rotary hand mixer?




Rotator cuff

Stay away from the kitchen

With such knowledge, it is better to stay away from the kitchen. With you, simply cooking a dish can turn into a dangerous experiment. So it is better not to take any risks and take our test again so that you can remember for sure what the grater is used for, and why you need the rolling pin. Send this quiz to your friends, let's see if they can do it better!  

Apprentice Cook

With this knowledge, you can be enrolled as an apprentice to some famous chef. You are confident in using a grater and rolling pin, but some kitchen utensils can still give you panic. So you need to learn a little more theory! Send this quiz to your friends, let's see if they can do it better!

Master Chef

With this knowledge, you can already launch your cooking show. You do not just cook food, but confidently use a whole set of kitchen accessories for this. Although, perhaps, even for such a professional, some of the facts from this test were new! Send this quiz to your friends, let's see if they can do it better!