What Percent Nerdy Are You?

What Percent Nerdy Are You?
Always adjusting your glasses and keeping an eye out for bullies? Do you have a bunch of books in hand, formulas, and calculations in the head, while all your thoughts are about homework and video games? If the answer to all this is yes, you might be a nerd. Hurry up and take the quiz to find out for sure!

So, you have an exam in a month. When you should start studying up?

I study up all my life

Right now!

I don't need to study up, just to repeat

A stranger comes up to you and asks for directions. What will you say?

I'll show everything and tell about the district's history too. In this house in the previous century, lived...

Stumbling and blushing, I'll suggest checking Google maps

I'll pretend that I don't notice his confused look and pass by

What question your friends can address you?

Can you fix a computer?

Explain the string theory in 15 minutes, please

I have no stupid friends

Do you like studying?

It's better to homeschool to see no one

Only this is worth living for

Don't really

What will you surely take part in?

Online research project

I'd watch funny videos instead

Writing fanfic

How you do assess your level of intelligence?

I know that I know nothing

Well, it'll do

I'm smarter than those who surround me

When you face something you don't know, what's your reaction?

Do you know what is Linux?

Of course, only a stupid one doesn't know about it

I heard something... Or was it something else?

Yes, I know

Someone makes a mistake when speaking about something. What are the odds that you'll correct him?

You with friends decided to get together at your place. What are you gonna do?

Smarty pants

Yes, you are nerdy a little but that's not a big deal. You are the person of high intelligence and curiosity in addition to the innate ability and desire to learn. You don't just appreciate hard science but also are good at its laws. And while your counterparts spend time on the Internet, you are programming and writing your doctoral thesis (of course, if you don't have it yet). Tell your friends about your result, you should be proud of such intelligence!


Geek is a person being nuts about some topic, often far away from reality. Most often, this is about pop culture and/or tech - fantasy, series, games, gadgets, etc. A geek can, for example, take a huge interest in anime, Harry Potter, Linux or cinema history. Like any representative of the geek community, you prefer to deal with its members enthusiastic about the same topic. Tell your friends about your result, let's define their status!


Yep, it's hard to call you the life of the party. You often freeze up doing one thing, get stuck on the same issue and prying out answers from everyone. Books and video games attract you much more than stupid people with their interests no one needs. Although your passions, frankly speaking, are also quite weird. Instead, if there's a person who can get the job done and get to know everything he needs, it's you! Tell your friends about your result, let's define their status!