Am I Sociable? The Quiz Will Find Out

Am I Sociable? The Quiz Will Find Out
It's hard to overestimate the importance of communication skills. It's what helps us establish relationships with people, share our experiences, ask for advice, and discuss issues. A sociable person has no trouble making new friends and attracts the attention of the right people. Social skills can help you build a career, improve your personal life, and achieve your goals! A lack of communication skills may be the reason behind multiple problems and barriers. Take this test to find out how open and communicative you are!  

You have an important meeting in an hour. What are you doing now?

I'm getting ready for the meeting. I don't want to arrive late!

I'm trying to find something to do to distract myself

I'm at home watching TV. What can be more important that a new episode of my favorite TV series?

I'm sharing my emotions with a friend/family member

I'm running around like mad

You have a toothache. What will you?

I'll cancel all my plans, lie on the couch and pretend I'm dying

If the pain continues for a few days, I'll go to the dentist

I'll ask my friends what pill I should take

No one has ever died of a toothache. I'll tolerate the pain.

I'll go to the dentist immediately. There is nothing more important than health!

Your boss said you need to live and work in another country for a year. What will your reaction be?

I'll say I need to discuss that with my colleagues

I'm ready! Let's go!

I'll say I need a week to think about it

I'll thank him and accept the offer

No, thanks. I like where I live now.

A passer-by asks you where the art museum is. What will you do?

I'll explain how to get to the museum and ask whether I can help them with something else

I'll accompany them to the museum

I'll point in the direction of the museum

I'll explain them how to get to the museum and give them my phone number, just in case

I'll ignore them

What is your relationship with your parents?

We're best friends!

We have a very healthy relationship

We have a good relationship but I can be harsh with them sometimes

We have our ups and downs

I say "hello" to them. Sometimes.

Your friend shows no signs of paying back the money he owes you. What will you do?

I'll politely ask him to pay me back

I'll remind him about the debt (like I do every day)

I'll wait a little longer

I'll give him a hint

It seems that I'll never see my money again

You want oranges but you haven't found them in the nearby store. What will you do?

I'll get mad and start yelling at the seller

I'll keep looking for oranges in other stores

I'll ask my friends to buy me some oranges

Well, not this time

So typical! I'm a loser!

You go to the cinema and see a huge line in front of the ticket office. What will you do?

I'll ask people to let me pass

I'll patiently stand in the line

I'll wait in the line. I might get to know people while I'm waiting!

I'll stand in line, but only if the film is really worth it

I'll leave. I won't waste my time standing in the line.

Which description fits you best?






Your new jeans got torn through no fault of yours. What will you do?

I'll return them to the store and get my money back

I'll leave a negative review at the store

I'll go to the store and yell at the seller

I'll call the store and ask what my options are

I'll throw the jeans away and start saving up for a new pair

Choose the vacation of your dreams.

Fire, guitar, night conversations

Long walks with my significant other

Sporting activities

Paradise-like beach

Crazy party

What is the best thing about work for you?

When I'm having drinks at the bar after a busy day

Opportunity to see my colleagues and discuss what each of us did on weekend


Opportunity to leave home and change the scene

When I go home

What do you think about pauses in a conversation?

It's an opportunity to catch your breath

It's very awkward. That's why I try to avoid pauses and talk all the time.

If the pause is too long, I start to feel uncomfortable

It's time to come up with a new topic

It's OK. A pause means that the conversation is over.

You need to calm down

Sometimes, your desire to socialize can be problem. You talk too much, interrupt other people, and express your opinions on things you know nothing about. You should adjust your behavior, otherwise it may have a negative effect on your personal relationships. People, who are over-emotional, tend to have serious health probems (heart problems, in particular). Our tip is this. Try to control yourself and learn to be more reserved. Listen rather than speak. We bet you'll soon notice a positive change in your relationships with other people!   

Everyone likes you

You're a funny, friendly, and open-minded person. You make friends easily, take part in every conversation, and eagerly give advice. People love you for your outgoing nature. You're smart and intelligent, which allows you to express you thoughts on many subjects. You like to be the center of attention. You willingly get started on new projects but often lose interest in the process. This is why your boss and colleagues may not trust you enough. In their eyes, you're an enthusiatic but somewhat unreliable person. Share this test with your friends and find out how gregarious they are!

You're in the middle

You have a medium level of communication skills. You're a curious person who is always eager to know more about people around you. You're patient enough to be able to listen to your interlocutor. You defend your opinions without losing your temper. You know how to forge a compromise with literally anyone. By the way, this quality is something your boss values very much. You're not a fan of big noisy companies. People, who talk too much, tend to irritate you. Share this test with your friends. Let them see what a balanced person you are! 

Cheer up!

You have few friends. Sometimes, you prefer to be alone for days, without talking to anyone. The idea of meeting new people or finding a new job can easily throw you off balance. For you, leaving your comfort zone is a real challenge. This trait of yours makes you angry with yourself. Don't let that upset you! The main thing is that you have detected the problem. Now you can overcome it and become a better version of yourself. Try to trust people a little bit more. Take up a new hobby, go out and socialize, and live your life to the fullest. Be sure to share this test with your friends. They will cheer you up and remind you that life is beautiful!

You're a lone wolf

You might not even know what communication skills are. Your lack of social skills may be a major limitation that keeps you from enjoying your life. For example, finding a new job or moving to another city is something you can't even think about. Your family and friends are having a hard time with you. You are not paying enough attention to your loved ones, which can be very hurtful and disappointing for them. Teamwork is definitely not your thing. You're at your best when you can work alone, without being disturbed. Independence and creative freedom are your indisputable advantages. Good for you!