Taсtical & Strategic Thinking Test

Taсtical & Strategic Thinking Test
A strategist is a person capable of making long-term plans for reaching goals, not rushing to solve current tasks but seeing the whole situation. It's strategic thinking that allows you to imagine your life in 5, 10, or even 20 years. Let's find out if you have this skill!

You plan to pay a visit to the dentist. Suddenly your mate is asking you to meet up at the very same time. What would you do?

I'll go to the dentist, of course. Health is priority

Offer my mate another day to meet up

Postpone my visit to the dentist

You can spend a bunch of money on:


Something I want to buy for a long time

Something I like

Do you succeed in saving money?

No, I spend everything I earn

Yes, but I save only when it's necessary

Yes, I save most of my earnings

Do you have a list of goals for the next 5 years?

Yep, all listed and planned

No, only for the next year

No, I don't make such long-term plans

When you start doing something, do you have plan B?

Yes, and plan C as well

No, but I think about my options in case of failure

No, I don't want to picture the worst things

What do you feel when a failure happens?

I draw the conclusions to prevent this mistake in the future

I fall apart. Although, this failure has taught me a lesson

I'm overwhelmed with emotions

What do you think about daily routine?

You've won $1,000,000! How would you spend it?

Invest in a viable business

Half would be deposited, the other half - spent

I'll squander it all! Would be fun!

How do you behave in a complicated life situation when you have to make an important decision?

Take a pause to think about it

Seek advice from my family and friends

Do whatever my heart tells me

Before acting you usually...

Think about possible risks

Ask myself if I need to do it

Just do it

Born strategist

Your strategic thinking allows you to control every situation. You never start doing anything immediately, without proper thinking and making long-term plans. You are able to see the global image of the situation. This helps you to understand your flaws and correct them, create useful habits and accept your weaknesses. Do your friends have a strategic thinking? Share this test to find out!

Flexible mind

Your mind is flexible and allows you to adjust to a specific situation. Strategic or tactical thinking alone is a hard choice for you, because you take the best part of the each. It allows you to be in the middle: you never shelve your tasks and duties and you don't start acting without a plan. Do your friends have a strategic thinking? Share this test to find out!

Born tactical person

You're a typical tactical person. You're an irreplaceable person when quick and decisive moves are needed to be done. At the same time, you sacrifice your future possibilities to satisfying the current and momentary needs. Do your friends have a strategic thinking? Share this test to find out!