Are You An Egoist Or An Altruist?

Are you the type who will bend over backward for others until it hurts? Are you self-centered or selfless? This egoism/altruism test will assess which side of the continuum you fall on. Answer the questions below as honestly as you can. As with any psychological test, this test is not perfect, but it can give you a good idea about your tendencies.

You mostly communicate with people who...

Are useful to you

Depends on the situation

Are nice to be around

You had a fight with your friend. Who will be the first to apologize?

My friend

I'll be the first to say sorry only if I was wrong

I'm always the first to say sorry

Do you always put your interests first?

Of course!

Sometimes, the end justifies the means

No. I can't act against my values

Do you love helping other people?

No. Every man for himself.

Only friends and family

Yes, it brings me pleasure

Do you hold your promises?

Only if it's beneficial to me

I try to but I don't always succeed

Yes, always

Bitter truth or sweet lie?

I prefer to hear what I want to hear

Sometimes, I prefer to hear lies

I prefer to be told the truth

At work, which is more important to you: doing a good job or doing things your way?

No, I prefer when my colleagues do things my way

I like to be praised if I deserve it

The main thing is to do a good job

You have the opportunity to make a big sum of money. Does it matter to you what you'll have to do to earn it?

No. I'd do anything to get the money.

No, but only if I needed money urgently

Yes. I won't do anything illegal or dishonest

Which comic book character do you like best?

I like receiving presents more than making them.


I like both

No, I prefer making presents

If your friend were in trouble, would you offer them your help?

No, it doesn't concern me

Yes, but only if I know how I can help them

Yes, even if I'm not sure whether I'll be able to help them

Which of these statements do you agree with?

Modesty is only considered a virtue by people who have few other virtues

People value modesty but underestimate modest people

The lack of modesty indicates the lack of intelligence

I have neither time no energy to care about myself.

Absolutely not. I always put myself first.

It happens sometimes but I try to take good care of myself

Yes, I can totaly relate

You're going to a shopping mall. At the parking lot, you find out that the only free parking space is 100 meters from the entrance. What will you do?

I'll park as close to the entrance as possible, even if parking is phobited there

I'll keep driving around until I find a space closer to the entrance

I'll look for another free space but then park the car at the available space


Your test results indicate that you're an egoistic person. You think you're more important than anyone else. You consider the slightest sarcastic comment to be a serious assault. You try to differentiate yourself from others as much as you can. You can display serious aggression and rage if you believe that someone is threatening your ego. Plus, you're extremely ambitious because you believe that you deserve to go higher in ranks Be sure to share this test with your friends and see their results!

In the middle

You're balancing between altruistic and egoistic behavior. While you're not ready to sacrifice your comfort for others, you're not completely self-centered either. From time to time, you find yourself in doubt as to whether you're doing the right thing. Try to gravitate towards altrustic intentions more often. Help people in need, be tolerant and understanding, and you'll see that your life will become more enjoyable and fulfilling!  Be sure to share this test with your friends and see their results!


You're a 100% altruist. You're understanding and compassionate. You're always ready to help others, even at the expense of your own interests and benefits. You're a great friend. You're reliable and loyal. At the same time, people often abuse your kindness and trust. Our advice is this. Try to care about yourself as much as you care about others. Don't forget that you're important too! Be sure to share this test with your friends and see their results!