How Compatible Are You And Your Partner?

How Compatible Are You And Your Partner?
Love at first sight, butterflies in the stomach, and dizziness - all this certainly sounds romantic and wonderful. But only to begin with! Learning to cope with challenges as a team is an indicator of a good relationship. Take this quiz and find out why you fit each other... or don't.

You come to see friends. And there you notice that your other half starts acting strangely, talks nonsense. Your actions?

I'll pretend I don't notice it

I'll try to understand what's wrong

Whatever, I keep silent

I'll start arguing

You’re cooking supper. What's the menu?

We discussed it long ago and decided to cook what we both like

We'll decide then and there

I'll choose something for my liking

I'll cook a dish my partner can't stand. More for me!

If being at supper you start talking about job and business, what reaction is waiting for you?

I won't even try

Kin of "Ok, now let's change the subject" :

He rolls his eyes

He/she can always understand and support me

Money is the most important thing in life. Agree?

What idea does come to your mind oftener?

Where's my youth?

Dso, another boring day passed

That's great that I have a person who can always support me

Well, alone people are probably feel bad

You are going to the restaurant but your significant other decides to stay home. Your reaction?

Let him/her be. I don't care

Let him/her know that I take offense. But there's no point to throw conniptions

We'll discuss it, choose the new day and time

Wait, we need to make it clear. It's better to start yelling right away

You're sent on a business trip for two months to a place you have been dreaming about a long ago. But there's only one ticket. What's the probability of your leaving?

What's your attitude to your better half's friends?

I don't care about them

They're cool guys!

There are good people among them

I can't stand them

How many years does lovesickness live in your opinion?

Describe your relationship with one word





To you, love is


A gift of nature

Cure for loneliness


Complete match

You were made for each other! Mutual understanding, harmony and love - your relationship has all this, we really envy. Of course, difficult situations cannot be always avoided but you are great at managing them and even strengthen your union. Congrats! Your friends should know about your happiness, share the result with them!

You're a good couple

Romeo and Juliet are not your roles nevertheless, the relationship of the couple is quite harmonious and seemingly satisfies both of you. You easily understand the desires of the other half and if you have enough wisdom and patience to look for compromises and solve all the problems in a calm way, everything will be fine! Tell your friends about the quiz let's see what result will they have.

There's room for improvement

Your couple is far from perfection, there is room for improvement. Until you swim in the harbor calm and serenity your relationship seems perfect but as the storm begins - a disaster is unavoidable. You don't want to listen to and understand each other, that's why you have to deal with it alone or look for compromises. Tell your friends about the quiz let's see what result will they have.

Almost impossible

No one knows why you're still together as you are so different! The combination of your characters almost eventually leads to failure, unless all effort is hurled for saving the situation. You rarely do something together except for getting into an argument. However, in this regard you are unmatched. Tell your friends about the quiz let's see what result will they have.