Are you BFF? Let's check it!

Marina Makeeva
Are you BFF? Let's check it!
Did you know that there are different types of friends in any friendship? How do you define yourself? This test will show you what type of friend you are!

What is your motto in life?

Money is power, freedom, a cushion, the sum of blessings.

Make love, not war. Give peace a chance.

I'd rather have an enemy who admits that they hate me, than a friend who secretly puts me down.

Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough.

We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves.

What do you prefer to wear?

Blue jeans, comfy clothes

Secondhand stuff

Bitching outfits

Casual clothes, always put on eyeglasses or contact lenses as well as I don’t see anything without it

Expensive, brand suit

What do you hate?

When my babies is about to throw up or cry

Fights and consumers

Dealing with deadline

Unproven scientific theories

Useless facts and competition

How do you prefer to spend time with your friend/friends?

Doing yoga and cooking together every weekend

Deal with a credit issue of your friend’s on Sunday evening

Meeting at fancy, expensive bars, discussing client acquisition

Gossiping around and speaking behind someone’s back

Discussing future of humanity and potential flight to Mars

Who is your ideal friend?

The one who rallies against the latest social news 24/7 and also studies smth non-stop

The one who will teach me to be suspicious of everything or honing my skill to spot enemies

The one who will look after my children while I go alone to the North Pole forever

The one who always surprises me with an ability to whip up a magical meal in minutes and with fascinating stories of his/her/their travels through the world.

The one who supports all my business ideas,give statistics and doesn’t lose my time

What can you give as a friend?

I can accidentally take my friend on a round-the-world trip and have no regrets.

I can let you sleep over and make breakfast with bacon on the next morning.

I can literally pay for a cab of any of my close friend at the end of the night, if they are drunk.

I can help your with scholarly work, essay, graduation paper. Choose anything you want!

I can teach how to get ahead in life without exerting too much effort.

How do you usually make peace with your friend after another argument?

I forgive my friends with no problem! I'll make it quicker if they wash my car to shine.

Usually my friends beg for forgiveness for a week. I love it!

I forgive no one in this life! Mistakes are unacceptable foolishness in friendship with me.

I'm an easygoing person. I'll forgive you if my friend has really learned his/her lesson.

I forgive people quite often. Because they know damn all about physics and its laws.

How do you usually make friends?

Most of the time I meet new friends in the library or at scientific conferences. I don't have time for small talks at cafes or drum shops.

I can meet a new friend anywhere.Most of the time I come up to a person and start sharing advice, asking for details about life occasionally.

I don't make new friends. I prefer old school friends, because they're the most reliable!

I have a lot of friends all over the world! I meet new friends while traveling or during esoteric classes.

I usually meet them at the office. Why, are there other places to meet new friends?

What kind of parties for friends do you arrange?

I really enjoy going out with my besties! It is weather a restaurant or an outdoor picnic. The most important thing is no celebration at home!

It is always fancy parties. You have no idea how much money I spend.

I love slumber party. We often bake brownies, vegan pecan pies and other goodies.

I love book clubs with cookies, cozy blankets and an intelligent group of researchers.

I like to rent nightclubs and hang out with my friends until morning. I only invite my closest people to the party. Invitations only.

How often do you meet your friends?

It's always different. Depends on how busy I am at work.

If my friends need me, then welcome, anytime!

I go out with my friends when I tell them to.

Only Sunday is available. I am pretty busy guy/girl, you know?

Meeting friends isn't as easy as it sounds. You have to organize a meeting at least 2 weeks in advance.

The Professional

Impeccably dressed and higher up the career ladder than anyone else you know, ‘The Professional’ is the friend who always seems to carry an air of importance. Soon you realize that just their presence makes you feel important by proxy too! Always stressed out and working hard, you and your professional friends often meet at fancy, expensive bars. A significant plus is that at the end of the night, you know that they will probably pay for your cab. Wanna get new friend or penpals? Check out  our modul:  

The Wanderer

…is the friend who has little regard for material things. If you have such a friend, you will know that this friends infographic is not an exaggeration. Even though they are always switching jobs, they are the most centered and peaceful person you know. They are always surprising you with their ability to whip up a magical meal in minutes and with fascinating stories of their travels through the world. As much as you adore them for their wild spirit, you also know that they might pack their bags and move to another country without telling you. Wanna get new friend or penpals? Check out  our modul:

The Grown Up

Every 20-something has that friend who decides to settle down, get married, and has kids before anyone else. On some days makes you feel relieved that you aren’t surrounded by crying babies. On other days, you will find yourself panicking because unlike your Grown Up Friend, you still haven’t got it all figured out. The plus of having such a friend is that you get to play with their babies, but no one expects you to take care of the baby when it starts crying or throwing up. Wanna get new friend or penpals? Check out  our modul:

The Frenemy

A friend and an enemy, the Frenemy may not always be fun to hang out with. However, if you want to learn everything that you need to know about getting ahead in life, this is a crucial friend to have. Whether it is learning to be suspicious of everything or honing your skill to spot enemies, the Frenemy is sure to help you develop your survival instincts.Wanna get new friend or penpals? Check out  our modul:

The Intellectual

Your Intellectual friend is probably very similar to the one depicted by this friends infographic. They are an encyclopedia of information that you will probably never need. Every time you meet them they seem to be supporting or rallying against the latest social news. Even though their know-it –all personality can be a little tiring, you know that you can rely on them for a condensed version of the most important news of the day.Wanna get new friend or penpals? Check out  our modul: