Are You Ready To Have A Baby?

2019-08-17 13:01:42
Are You Ready To Have A Baby?
Preparation for giving birth consists of not only physical fitness, money saving but also the confidence that you're psychologically ready for a baby. Take the test and find out how much are you ready to have a baby.

How do you think why do people give birth to babies?

Maternal instinct

Because everyone does it

They feel lonely

When you get to know that someone you know is pregnant, your first feeling is...




When someone starts telling about kids, how does your face look?

You have extensive plans for the nearest future: career, traveling, self-development

Assess your annoyance when a baby is crying next to you.

How much is the baby's gender important to you?

It doesn't matter at all, I'll love him/her all the same

I have a preference, but a healthy baby is the main thing

It's very important to me!

Did you have a happy childhood?

Yes, I recall it with delight

Don't know


You babysit and play with kids with pleasure

How do you feel about 9 months of pregnancy?

This is a pleasant kind of expectation and time for getting ready for labour

I think it's hard but the main thing is to stay healthy

Crazy! Why so long?

You're ready to deliver a baby even if no one could support you.

Assess your readiness for full responsibility for a baby.

Being together with your partner you feel confident and cannot imagine delivering a baby from another man?

Of course

Sometimes I doubt

I cannot say that I found that very person

When you see a mother with her kid coming to you, you...

Smile at the kid

Don't look at them

You give a wide berth

How many times did you stay with someone else's baby alone?

You know that raising a baby is not only happiness but also hard work.

A child is not your continuation but an individual?


I hope so

I'm not sure

You're fully ready to become a parent!

By all appearances, you fully understand how your life will change after delivering a baby. But your desire to become a mom/dad is based not on stereotypes but your wish and acceptance. Wish you and your baby good health! Share the test result to let your friends check themselves too ;)

You hesitate a little

You have doubts and that's ok! It just means that you'll be a responsible parent. However, don't forget that having a baby depends only on your desire and opportunities and not stereotypes and someone else's opinions. Share the test result to let your friends check themselves too ;)

You have other priorities

By all appearances, you aren't ready to fully switch to a baby yet. Probably, you're concerned about it but this is a really serious question. Only you and your partner have a right to determine your readiness for having a baby. Wish you good health! Share the test result to let your friends check themselves too ;)