Are You Waffles or Creme?


Are you creative Waffles or bold Creme? Find out with this quiz!

Which of these places speaks to you?

a small cozy cottage surrounded by roses at the top of a mountain where no one is.

A big house with a nice backyard in the center of town.

Talk or Listen?



Who knows you best?

My close friends or family.

Most of my friends and family.

What mysterious object sounds the most interesting?

A silver diamond in the shape of a heart that seems to make noise.

A small diamond encrusted key that looks like it leads to a secret garden.

What do you find yourself doing most of the time when you are alone?

Discovering hiding spots in the forest.

Chasing other animals hidden deep in the forest.

You are Waffles

You are creative, caring and talkative! Like Waffles, you can be a little bit shy but you still love spending time with your friends!

You are Creme!

You are bold, caring and loveable! You love spending time with your friends and enjoying every moment!