3 Minute Masochism Test - Are You A Masochist?

3 Minute Masochism Test - Are You A Masochist?
Most people are against violence, cruelty, and things like that. But masochism is quite a different story. Such people like to feel their defenselessness and submission to circumstances, and look for a strong person who will take the wheel. Strange? But maybe the lifestyle suits you! The answer is in this quiz. Take it and find out a little bit more about yourself!

When you're in a group of people, is it important for you to be in the limelight?

Only if it happens by itself. I won’t shove myself forward

Yes, it’s important for me to understand that I’m a star here!

No, I feel comfortable in my corner

When you tell your friends about something, what answer do you usually hear?

Again? Maybe, it's enough

We know how it’s hard for you, don’t worry, everything will be ok

Do I complain? More likely, I hear constant complaints from others

Do you often feel an unattributed anxiety?

No, I get a grip on myself. Nerve cells do not restore after all

Oh, yes, I live in this state

Usually, I'm the reason for everyone's anxiety. I don’t give a damn

You’re arguing with a friend about global warming, but he denies its obvious importance. You…

I'll make him change his opinion!

No means no. What can I say?

I allow him to persuade me. Frankly speaking, that’s not so hard

Someone stepped on your foot in the bus. Your anger will reach the peak in:

A few seconds. It will be better for everyone to leave the bus

No, what anger? I'll just step aside, that's all

No anger, I'll just be disappointed in life again

Could you run away from home?

Not further than to the staircase

Of course! They will search for me for a week with dogs

Why? I'll suffer silently. What can I do?

When you were waiting in line, someone accidentally pushed you. Your actions?

Great! Bad luck as always

I'll apologize and stand at a safe distance

It's better to run from him

Imagine your colleague annoys you badly. What will you say?

Does feigned affability count as hypocrisy?

I'll continue to keep company with him, I don't even know why

I'll throw it in his face. Why should I keep silent?

What thoughts does a glass of wine evoke in you?

We're just grains in the endless, eternal world

Life is good and it's good to live

I feel a surge of energy, I want to argue, to cry

A perfect character is:

Power, a little cruelty and cold blood. Everything I lack

Huge ambitions, readiness to step on toes and a little bit of egoism. That’s about me

Ability to make a compromise, a little bit of indifference and reserve

Do you remember a dispute about global warming. And what if your friend is right and you aren't?

I won't admit it in any case

I'll initiate the self-accusation process

Ok, I made a mistake. Everyone makes them

Do you like to argue?

Yes. All my friends always agree with me knowing that something terrible awaits them otherwise

No, disputes make no sense

I don’t know, it’s too easy to overpersuade and upset me

A “good” friend of yours asked you to fetch him from the airport in the middle of the night. Since you are the only one who has a car. How can you refuse?

I will say exactly what I think. Or let him pay me

I’ll apologize and politely tell him that he has gone mad.

I'll fetch him anyway, even though I don't like it

You're probably a sadist

You can't be named a masochist since you're so particular about yourself and your feelings. Instead, you have the qualities of a true sadist. You like to dominate, demonstrate your rightness and act selfishly giving nasty looks at people around in between. If you come across a fan of such relations, it will be real luck. However, this chance is unlikely, be careful! 

100% masochist

You're a first-rate masochist indeed. You like to feel your weakness and vulnerability. Of course, life is not always a box of chocolates, but you shouldn't reduce it to pain and suffering.

You can't stand pain

You cannot even hear the pain word neither in a physical nor in a moral sense. You feel scared and want to close your eyes. All that sado, maso- and other "chisms" are not for you since you prefer a calm existence and a peaceful life.