Can You Pass A Basic Medical Terminology Quiz?

Can You Pass A Basic Medical Terminology Quiz?
Are you a doctor or dream to be one? Take this medical terminology quiz and find out whether you can become an outstanding doctor.

What is osteoporosis?

This is a chronically progressive, system, metabolic, skeleton disease or a clinical syndrome demonstrated in other diseases, characterized by a decrease in bone density, disturbance in micro-architectonics and increased fragility owing to metabolic bone disease with the catabolism over the processes of bone formation, a decrease in bone durability and the increased risk of fractures.

Skin pores

Bone rarefaction

Loss of hearing

How does a headache called scientifically?

Another mane of a headache is cervicogenic cranialgia.




What suffixes -algia and -linia do mean?

It's easy to guess recalling the word neuralgia (damage of peripheral nerves characterized by the shoots of pain in the area of innervating a nerve).


Shortage of something


What is the name of the accumulation of a few sores or furuncles?

This is an acute purulo-necrotic skin disorder around a group of hair follicles and oil bags with a tendency towards rapid propagation.




What medical term does describe hemorrhaging in a joint?

It can become clear having seen the combination of "hematoma" and "arthrosis" in the word.




What does prefix cranio- mean?

Cranio- from Greek kranion and Latin cranium means skull.

To skull

To muscles

To bones

And do you know how is a microorganism able to provoke a disease called?

A pathogen is any microorganism (including fungi, viruses, bacteria, etc.), as well as a special protein - prion able to provoke a pathologic condition (disease) for another creature.




What about red blood cells? What is their name?

Thrombocytes are formed elements, small blood platelets, and leucocytes are white blood cells.




And what does the word cito mean? Hint: sometimes doctors write it in referrals for tests.

Cito is translated to fast, urgent.




And, finally, aspiration is…

This is an effect of "sucking" coming from the creation of low pressure.

Sucking liquid or air with special instruments

The removal of the windpipe

A puncture of the lung

Hospital CFO

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Attending physician

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Medical University's first-year student

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