Which Profession in the Beauty Industry Speaks to You?

Which Profession in the Beauty Industry Speaks to You?
Catwalks, bright makeup, and stylish clothes are the essential attributes of the beauty industry. Do you want to become a part of this world and master an interesting career? We made a list of the most fashionable jobs in the world of beauty for you. Just a few questions and we'll find your perfect career!

When you are about to go to an expensive restaurant with your friends, what's your role when getting ready?

I calm everyone down so that no one has to worry

I help with hairdos

I straighten up

I help to choose the outfit

I sit aside and observe

When you're shopping, you usually look for...

Only fashionable pieces

I look for something interesting that attracts attention

That fits me

I'll conduct a comparative analysis across all the stores and choose the best offer

I come into places with the atmosphere I like

Describe your style

I don't actually care

Bright and unusual

The main thing is the comfort

Casual but tangy

I'm right from the catwalk

How does your bedroom look like?

What do you take interest in except for the beauty industry?


Science, a litlle but

Nothing, only fashion!



What do you think about working in a quiet place?

When you meet a person for the first time, what do you pay attention to?

Eyebrow shape

The color of hair



I examine the person in general

What do you wear for a party with your friends?

An unusual costume. Let the fun begin!

Something simple. These are friends, after all

Something to make everyone envy me

Something to dance a lot and for long

I'll look through magazines, find something

You're probably ranked 1st in this "sport":

Money spending

The ability to get to details

Combination of incompatibles

Talking about nothing

Extreme equanimity

The best way to relax after a hard working day is…


Bathing with aromatic oils


Reading a book

Chatting with friends


Buyer is an essential person in the world of fashion. It depends on him/her what will appear on the shelves of boutiques from the variety of cat-walk collections. Buyers plan the purchase of seasonal products, determine the best products and brand lines taking into account consumers' needs. Also, these professionals should have financial literacy, know the features of imports and exports, pricing and profitability strategy. Tell the friends about this test, we'll choose a career for them too!

Makeup artist

Makeup artists give their clients a unique look not only on special, festive occasions but in common, everyday life. These specialists who are able to turn their work into a genuine play of color and brush. Real wizards, they can perfectly enhance the client's face features and completely conceal her flaws. Required skills: the ability to properly put on makeup, the knowledge of color combination rules. Tell the friends about this test, we'll choose a career for them too!

Hair stylist

Hair stylists should be able to assess the client's hair texture, her clients' face features correctly and make a perfectly matching haircut. It seems you can be great at doing it! Required skills: the accuracy of actions when making haircuts, the ability to determine the client's hair quality and face type. Tell the friends about this test, we'll choose a career for them too!


Even despite the interest in beauty industry you have a natural impulse for science. That's why the career of a researcher fits you best. These are specialists whose duties are the pursuance of the research and creation of new beauty aids safe for our skin and hypoallergic. Required skills: the knowledge of the chemical composition of cosmetic preparations, the desire for experiments, and analytical thinking. Tell the friends about this test, we'll choose a career for them too!


The masseur's role is to properly evaluate the client's health condition and apply the corresponding massage technique. His/her duties are beyond the scope of mere improvement of appearance and largely aimed at the client's health support. Required skills: physical endurance, carefulness, and following personal hygiene rules, the capability to create a relaxing atmosphere. Tell the friends about this test, we'll choose a career for them too!