Best Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Memes: Do You Know Them All?

Best Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Memes: Do You Know Them All?

Many blessings for the man, the myth, the legend: The Rock. He has been on our screen since the '90s when he appeared as a superstar WWE pro-wrestler. And now he is a true icon. However, with great fame comes great meme-ability. Think you know The Rock's memes? Think again!

Ok let's start easy. You should know this one. Which movie is it from?

A scene from Race To Witch Mountain made for a pretty great meme. The clip in question is near the start of the film, when Johnson, who plays a former mob get-away driver named Jack Bruno, discovers two children in the back of his taxi cab.

The Mummy Returns


Race to Witch Mountain

San Andreas

This man has a killer workout routine, but his secret might be his one-word mantra: _____

A video compilation of him yelling this word into the camera was uploaded onto YouTube, and it really resonated with everyone.





The Rock set a whole new standard for being photogenic. What pose is he known for?

To be fair, with arms as huge as his, Dwayne Johnson has a hard time finding the right fit.

Buttoning cufflinks

Hands in pockets

Leaning on the car


Who can beat The Rock in this meme?

Jumanji Book


John Cena

Vin Diesel

When did this treasure appeared on the Internet?

The '90s were a wild time, and an infamous photo of Johnson in a black turtleneck with a fanny pack and chain combo proves just that. Johnson first posted this cursed image in 2014, with the intention of poking fun at himself.





Dwayne the *insert word that ends in -ock* Johnson became a real hit. What was its origin?

The good people of the internet really appreciated Johnson's title. Why not show it by photoshopping his face onto random objects that end with an "-ock"?

The original meme of Johnson's metamorphosis was just a three-part image displaying his stages of development. Which years is written under the third photo?

Needless to say, this would leave any geologist in complete and utter shock.





Internet is a beautiful thing because there you can find a photo where The Rock posed with an actual rock for no particular reason. When was this masterpiece made?

This meme isn't just funny, it's important. Love yourself the way you love The Rock and the way The Rock loves The Rock.





What is the right title for this photo?

Memes can be so informational. All this time we thought Dwayne and The Rock were the same person, but we were obviously mistaken.

Dwayne Johnson & The Rock

Dwayne & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson

Dwayne Johnson & His Brother

Which phrase would fit this picture?

Memes about Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson need to be plastered all over every elementary school in the world to teach kids such valuable life lessons.

if he did it, you also can

144p VS 4k resolution

this puberty period tho

be careful who u call ugly in middle school

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