What is the Best Swimsuit for My Body Type?

What is the Best Swimsuit for My Body Type?
All bodies are beach bodies-you just need a swimsuit! Find the perfect one to match your style and attitude here!

First, let's decide on the top. Which of these is typical of your body?

Narrow shoulders

Small breast

Wide shoulders

Shoulders and hips are almost of the same size

Massive breast and belly

Let's decide on the lower body. Choose what does describe you:

Wide hips

Narrow hips, a heavy top

Narrow hips, a rather big waist

Your skin is


A little tanned


Which of the body types does resemble yours most



Upside triangle


What do you consider your body disadvantage?

Excess weight

Excess inches on the hips

Invisible waist

It looks too athletic

I like everything

Whose style do you like most?

What can you call your advantage?

A beautiful waist

Slender legs

I have a trim figure

A petite figure - small hips and small breast

Beautiful curves

Voluminous top, one-colored bottom

You need a swimsuit that helps shoulders and hips look proportional. For this purpose, choose sets with a voluminous bra with widely separated shoulder-straps and dark one-colored panties: this way you'll visually hide the thighs' volume and make shoulders wider. You can place an emphasis on a bright decorated top of the swimsuit: a bra with frills, fringe, drapes or with a dynamic print.

Retro style

Your body type was a vision of beauty in the 50s! Why not place the bet on it when choosing a swimsuit? Pay attention to retro models. Swimsuits with a high-waist bottom and a wide-strapped top, one-piece swimsuits (mayo, bandini) and tankini. You can allow yourself unusual prints: Gingham, stripes, Polka dots, and other motifs, which emphasize the vintage stylistics of a swimsuit.

Modest top, voluminous bottom

You need volume on the hips, that's why feel free to choose swimsuits with bows, ties, flounces and frills on the bottom. While the top should be as simple as possible, ideally with straps on the neck or a halter model (they visually reduce shoulders). If you need a one-piece swimsuit, pay attention to vertical patterns and asymmetrical fasteners or straps on the top.

Monokini with cuts

In your case, it's necessary to get feminine contours of the body by visually making the waist narrower with the help of a specific cut of swimsuit. For this purpose, a one-piece monokini fits perfectly. These models have side cuts. They visually correct the figure making it look like an hourglass. You can achieve the same effect choosing a common one-piece swimsuit in the colorblock style with bright ornately shaped and wedge shaped side inserts or models with decorative elements (cuts, printed inserts, decoration, etc.).


You need to choose a swimsuit for an hourglass body type. And if you think that absolutely everything fits you, you're wrong. Your task is to preserve the beautiful proportions of the body. For example, choose a beautiful bikini with a bottom with wide straps and a balconette or halter top.