The Ultimate Breaking Bad Trivia Quiz

The Ultimate Breaking Bad Trivia Quiz
Few shows match the success of Breaking Bad. Over five seasons, the show made a colossal splash. The story of a chemistry teacher who becomes a drug dealer is absorbing and binge-worthy. Find out how well you know the series here!

Why did the creators have to change the show concept after its launch?

When the creators were ready for filming, they had to change the concept of Breaking Bad against the background of script writers' strike. The first season should consist of 9 episodes, but only 7 were shot.

Too much time passed from the moment of writing the scenario, it was outdated

They had to reduce the number of episodes due to a script-writers' strike

Financing was drastically cut

Viewers didn't like the show so the 1st season was cut

What destiny was prepared for Jesse Pinkman in the 1st season of the show?

Only two characters appear in every episode of the series. Of course, these are Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. That's why it seems ridiculous that Jesse didn't survive after the 9th episode of the 1st season. That's right, the character of a bitter-end addict who viewers got to know and like had been initially doomed. However, after the filming of just two episodes, the showrunners understood that killing Jesse is a bad idea.

He had to move

Initially, he betrayed Walter

He should refrain from drugs

He should die

What did represent meth when filming?

Obviously, the producers didn't use real drugs as stage property. What you saw as blue meth on the screen was common blue candies. In the scenes when the characters smoke meth, they actually "smoked" sugar (except that they didn't inhale the smoke). The Candy Lady confectionery in Albuquerque supplied these candies for filming the show.

Small stones

Sweet candies

A real drug

Washing powder

Walter White chose Heisenberg as a nickname. Who was Heisenberg in real life?

The character of Bryan chose the Heisenberg nickname for street showdowns - after the name of German physicist Werner Heisenberg, a Nobel Prize winner in physics and one of the creators of quantum physics.

A famous chemist

A doctor who struggled against drugs

A Nobel Prize winner in physics

A famous psychoanalyst

What tradition is there in Walter White's family for his birthday?

There's a tradition in Walter White's family. For his every birthday wife Skyler cooks a morning breakfast with fried eggs and lays the age of Walter with bacon on them.

His wife cooks fried eggs and lays his age with bacon pieces

His wife bakes a cake with blue icing

His family gives him a piece of green clothing

His partner Jesse Pinkman is given a chemistry book as a present from Walter

According to the Time magazine, Mr. White's car is the most...

The car Mr. White drives for more than 4 seasons (Pontiac Aztek 2003) was recognized as the ugliest car according to Time magazine. The director chose a new color for the car.

famous car

expensive car

the ugliest car

recognizable car

Who does own the flat where Walter White temporarily lives in the 4th season?

A flat Walter stays in the 4th season belongs to Vince Gilligan.

Director Vince Gilligan

Aaron Paul

Bryan Cranston

One of cameramen

What is Jesse Pinkman's favorite color?

Mr. White likes green color, wearing a piece of this color almost in every episode throughout all the seasons. A similar situation with Jesse Pinkman and red color.

Where the series was shot?

The series was shot in Albuquerque and its vicinities, New Mexico. However, the pilot episode was filmed in Riverside, California.

In Hollywood

In New York

Albuquerque and its vicinities

In Riverside, California

What does the C10H15N formula mean?

There's the C10H15N formula with a molecular mass of 149,24 in the titles. This is a real formula for meth.

Adrenaline's formula

A bunch of letters made by the script-writers

The formula of the cure for cancer

This is the chemical formula of methamphetamine

A laboratory's student

Your knowledge about the Breaking Bad series is still far from perfection. Probably, you've just started to perceive this incredible story and its characters. In this case, you have the most interesting things ahead. Believe us, this show deserved to be watched as carefully as you can. And then you work your way up to the fan's status. Tell your friends about this quiz. How well do they know the universe of Breaking Bad?

A chemistry teacher

You confidently move along the way of exploring Breaking Bad, a little more time and you' take a degree. A few episodes more and it could be said that you managed to watch and remember everything inside out. And then you could make a fresh start since it's just impossible to stop watching this series! Tell your friends about this quiz. How well do they know the universe of Breaking Bad?

The series script-writer

You know all the details of Breaking Bad so well that this brings up the question - does the world owe to you because it was your scenario? Not a single smallest detail escaped your keen eyes, you managed to remember all the episodes inside out. You either did take part in their development or you're the most loyal and die-hard fan. Tell your friends about this quiz. How well do they know the universe of Breaking Bad?