Would You Make A Good Actress?

Would You Make A Good Actress?
Many girls dreamed of becoming movie stars, but not everyone followed through. The acting profession requires lots of effort, time, and luck. Personal qualities are equally important - it's hard to survive in the movies without them. Do you have them? Take this quiz and find it out, and make sure to remember - it's never too late to start!

Why do you want to be an actress?

The opportunity of creative self-fulfillment, meeting new people

Fame and fortune

I just want to try

I don't know

What time are you ready to dedicate to rehearsals?

All my spare time

As much as necessary until it's paid

Well, 2-3 days a week

Maybe, a couple of evenings?

Do you easily remember texts and poetry?

Yes, and I always work on my memory

If only there’s profit for me from learning something by heart

Poetry - yes. Prose is harder

Only which I consider interesting

Are you ready to take a risk for the goal's sake?


If I'm confident of success

If something not really valuable is at stake


How do you imagine the actress' life?

Endless trips and auditions, I rent a room for my things nearby the set

A luxurious house, living in hotels, red carpet evens, a private jet, dinner at restaurants…

I’ll play the role and live for a while on earnings. Then again, it just goes round and round

I didn't think about it

How far are you ready to go for an audition?


Anywhere, if I'm confident that the role is mine

I prefer not to leave the native city

I’m ready to leave to interesting places: maybe, a tourist city or a picturesque natural locality. Besides, I could see the world

How do you deal with learning something new that will definitely come in useful?

I try to find as much information as possible, I’ll study everything on my own and what I couldn’t understand I’ll ask professionals

 I’ll go to courses where they’ll explain to me everything

I learn basics and hope that it will do

Gladly searching for information, but of only I take interest in the topic

What is your attitude to public performances?

I like them, but I’ll devote a lot of time to preparation

I like to be in the limelight!

I’m not against a performance if I don’t need to prepare for long

I don't like going out in front of people

Imagine you are on the set. The director tells the background of events to set the tone of actions. What are you doing?

I’m all ears and try to experience the emotions of my character

I’ll listen to if my character plays an important role in this episode

Probably, I’ll get distracted and miss the half of information

I’ll do something useful

You failed several auditions at a run. What will you do next?

I’ll get several new auditions

I’ll ask my agent to choose more promising auditions

I’ll be upset that it doesn’t work and think about another career

Nothing, it seems this is not my cup of tea

You would make a great actress!

You like to learn, are ready to take a risk, easily remember new things, do not overthink failures and maturely take criticism. You should actually try your hand! It' not necessary to enroll at a university, you may start with amateur theatres or shooting in student films, and then if you get caught up, you should seriously consider the actress career. But if you feel that this is your cup of tea and have the opportunity to study at a university, go ahead! Good luck! Make sure to share the test with your friends: maybe their destiny in moviedom is also written in the stars.

You are putting way too much on success

You do have qualities that make a good actress, but you shouldn't build a career only for money or popularity. Not every actress becomes famous after her first role, and, having decided to try, you're in for more than one refusal and a number of small roles. Actresses choose this profession because they like acting, warming to their roles, creating. If you want to start, you need to discard ambitions and focus on creative development. Share the test with your friends: maybe they're also secretly dreaming of an acting career?  

You lack commitment

Actresses often have to learn complicated things from scratch, learn difficult texts by heart, play what they'd never do in life. A novice actress is ready to range the whole world and live at railroad stations if only to find an interesting role. If you want to settle down to an acting course, you need to learn to set goals and pursue them despite everything. Work on your will, start with small tasks and as soon as you feel that you're ready, get several acting auditions. Good luck! Make sure to share the test with friends and find out can they become actresses!

It seems you don't want to be an actress at all

Maybe, this idea sometimes visits you, but in general, you understand that this career is not for you. There's no harm in doing so: there are numerous interesting fields of activities, including in moviedom: stage direction, camerawork, screenwriting, Wardrobe Supervisors' and Set Costumers' jobs and so on! Share the test with friends, maybe, they want to become actresses!