Can I Get My Ex Back?

2019-10-08 13:12:25
Can I Get My Ex Back?
Life is an unpredictable thing, that's why fate often puts us in interesting situations when we take incautious steps resulting in breaking up with a person we love. We often recognize our mistake and want badly to bring the past relationship back. And do you have a chance to get your ex back?

How would you characterize yourself?

I always remember offense one has caused me

I'm easily deceived, I believe everything one tells me

I always come to help

Who was to blame for your breakup?



Both of us

What feelings do you have for him now?

How did you stir up interest during your relationship?

I took up the running

I didn't press him

I tried to attract him with a romantic dinner

I'll do anything to get him back

When he was late for a date, how did you react?

I asked to explain the reason for his delay

I didn't trouble him with questions

I tried to understand why it happens

You are coming along the street and men pay attention to you. What do you feel?

Imagine we are together once again. What will be different?

Of course, I'll be more easy-going

He will stop to behave as he did in the past

Everything will be the same

How much are you offended on a scale from 1 to 10?

Do you date someone?

Yes, I have a cool new boyfriend

I tried to find a new boyfriend but the new relationship didn't end up with something serious

No, I was single since then

There's a little chance if you're ready to change yourself

You are quite clingy, that's why you push him away. The more of you in his life, the more he wants to separate. Stop piling him with messages, monitoring every step and begging to come back. This won't result in anything good for sure. But everything can be fixed if you are ready to work on yourself. Share this quiz on social media - let's see whether your gals have a chance.

You can get him back!

There's a good chance you'll get him back if you become the one he fell in love with some time ago. Recall how you looked when you met, how you behaved. Since we all lose sight of it over time. When you show him that you're ready to be the one who made him crazy, the ex himself will ask for the second chance. Share this quiz on social media - let's see whether your gals have a chance.

You can't get him back

He'll hardly come back to you. Well, you don't need it at all! Both his and your feelings have vanished, you both live your own life. Accept the situation as it is and try not to rake up the past. It's better to make efforts to establish a new, strong relationship. Share this quiz on social media - let's see whether your gals have a chance.