How Do You Handle Your emotions?

How Do You Handle Your emotions?
It's a known fact that unchecked negative emotions have a huge impact on our mental and physical health. When we're frustrated or irritated, we tend to make rash decisions or say hurtful things we may regret later. Controlling your emotions is the ability to prevent the emergence of negative feelings or reduce their strength. How good are you at controlling your emotions? Take this quiz to find out more about yourself!

Overwhelmed by negative emotions, you tend to make decisions you regret later.

I can't remember this happening to me


Yes, all the time

When people around me are losing their temper, I prefer to stay calm.


Depends on my mood

No, I usually make things even worse

Which of these images makes you think about serenity and peace?

Do you know calm breathing exercises that help you relax?

I don't need these exercises. I always stay calm.

Yes, I do these exercises from time to time

These exercises can't help me

Holding onto negative emotions is not healthy. We need to vent our bad emotions.

I don't agree

Depends on the situation

I fully agree

You got distracted and dropped your new expensive smartphone. How will you react?

It's alright. It's just a smartphone!

I'll check if the smartphone is OK.

I'll be mad at myself

Are you trying to understand the person you don't like?

There are no such people that I don't like

I'm doing my best to understand such people

What for?

I try to stay calm when the other person is lashing out at me.


Depends on who the person is

I won't tolerate this!

Your family member or friend cut themselves and you can't stop the blood. What will you do?

I'll give them first aid and then take them to the emergency room

I'll call the doctor

I'll faint upon seeing blood

You're at the cinema. During the film, a person sitting behind you is talking loudly. How will you react?

I'll try to focus on the film

I'll politely ask them to keep it down

I'll yell at them

At a parking lot, you detected a scratch on your car. How will you react?

I'll stay calm and try to find a solution

It's bad but there is nothing to be done about it

I'll start cursing at whoever did that

Which of these animals do you consider the smartest?

You run into the person you don't like. What will you do?

I'll make small talk just to be polite

I'll greet them dryly and keep walking

I'll pass them by as if I didn't see them

You're very good at handling your emotions

You're an emotionally stable person. You can handle your emotions in any situation, while other people lose their temper. You set clear goals and achieve them step by step. You can resist temptation to say hurtful words to another person. This is a very rare quality that only few people have. Share this test on social media and find out whether or not your friends can control their emotions!

You can handle emotions pretty well

You're impulsive and spontaneous, which can be a good and a bad thing at the same time. In critical situations, you know how to pull yourself together and achieve your goals. However, you need to get better at controlling your emotions. One of the ways to do that is to believe in yourself more and trust your gut feeling. Share this test on social media and find out whether or not your friends can control their emotions!

You can't control your emotions

You're an oversensitive and irritable person. Your unpredictable behavior keeps you from building strong relationships with people, which can be a major problem. You should take the matter in your own hands and try to become better at handling your emotions. Learning to handle your Share this test on social media and find out whether or not your friends can control their emotions!