How Well Do You Know the Miracles of Jesus?

How Well Do You Know the Miracles of Jesus?
Do you believe in miracles? Or do you think that a serious adult shouldn't get involved in such things? The Bible says otherwise. In it, miracles happen on every page, and each of them can teach us something. Let's check how well you are familiar with this important religious text!

The sock of a holy man cures a young girl's foot disease.

Women with brain aneurysm is cured when she sees vision of a man who had once had the same condition.

A holy man heals a paralyzed man by taking him by the hand and standing him up.

The iron from an axe floats on water.

A staff not attached to any tree sprouts blossoms and almonds.

The entire Syrian army becomes blind.

A Roman governor states that a captured holy man can escape from a prison, and so he does unbeknownst to anyone how.

An imprisoned man, forced to pray to an idol knocks the idol down with prayer instead, killing 22 people.

The leader of the church was chosen when a dove landed on his head.

Dead man is resurrected after touching the bones of a dead prophet.

Water gushes from a rock, defying science, and sates the thirst of needy men.

After 30 years, a man miraculously recovers from his mental illness that gives him violent tendencies and causes him to see hallucinations.

A man saves slaves from death by keeping them working for him.

People intent to injure children are in turn killed by their own weapons.

185,000 soldiers are killed overnight without the use of any weapons.

Water too bitter to drink is transformed into sweet water

A hunchback woman stands up straight after 18-years bent over.

Boy falls down a mountain thousands of feet high without breaking a bone.

Stillborn baby is brought back to life by the embrace of his mother.

The oldest child of every citizen in a city dying the same night due to the stubbornness of their leader.

Gold teeth appearing in place of dental decaying.

A bird laying eggs equivalent to a 120lb woman giving birth to a 25lb babe.

Boy sits up during his eulogy to ask for water before lying back down, dead again.

Man is struck with leprosy after burning incense.

A tangible darkness curses a country.

A blind man describes people as trees walking that is healed when a holy man spits on his eyes.

Four men survive in a burning room full of fire without one burn on them.

The infection of boils among an entire race, cursed by God.

Medicine appears to a woman out of nowhere and shrinks her deadly tumor.

Man who shows kindness to a stranger is delayed by the stranger who turns out to be a guardian angel. The delay saves his life.

Locusts eat every tree and vegetable in a kingdom.

Man survives overnight with hungry lions.

The truth of mountains moving with the faith as big as a seed.

Man survives three days in the belly of a whale after being cast overboard during a storm.

The passing of an abdominal blockage on a dying old man wearing a prayer cloth.

The turning of dust into lice.

The infestation of frogs to those who kept slaves.

A mute man who is possessed by a demon is exorcised, gaining the ability to speak as it is done.

Man's short leg grows in front of the eyes of many, taking away his limp.

Man is told in a dream that his wife is pregnant after 20 years of miscarriages.

Women is healed of brain hemorrhage without ever losing consciousness.

Man is told by God that God will no longer wrestle with him if he doesn't stop drinking and giving into his addiction.

Woman feels a connection to unborn baby, God telling her that the child would be healthy.

Boy's broken body is healed, crushed skull and bones repaired before the eyes of witnesses.

A lost diamond is found by a child in the previously searched and cut grass.

Woman survives a 3000ft fall after asking God to save her.

Woman is cured of her blindness and lives forty years without eating or drinking water.

Roses blooming in December create a portrait of Jesus' mother.

Critical Thinker

You are very rarely tempted to believe in something wonderful and magical. It seems to you that a miracle, be it biblical or otherwise, is no more than a fairy tale for children. Therefore, you do not understand one of the main religious texts very well. Or maybe life just lacks some beautiful wonders? Send this quiz to your friends, let's see if they can do it better!


You are willing to believe in any miracles - whether it is an episode from the Bible or a children's fairy tale. We often lack something beautiful and wonderful in our daily lives, so why not believe in this kind of thing? However, it is difficult for you to distinguish a religious event from a simple fiction, so you confuse many biblical miracles with fictional facts. Send this quiz to your friends, let's see if they can do it better!

Expert on Miracles

You are a real expert in miracles. You are well acquainted with one of the main religious texts, the Bible, so you can easily distinguish between biblical events and simple fiction. Your deep knowledge in this area is amazing! Send this quiz to your friends, let's see if they can do it better!