Try to Name All of These Rare and Unusual Animals

Try to Name All of These Rare and Unusual Animals
How many exotic animals do you know? If you see one of them, would you be able to remember their name? Let's see how well you know wildlife! We're sure that some of these creatures will impress you with their unusual appearances and bright colors!

This animal has large ear-like spots on his head. What's it called?

Yellow jellyfish

Yellow octopus

Dumbo octopus

Blue-ringed octopus

The critically-endangered animal is native to Central Asia and has an unusual double-snout.

Desert moose

Horned camel


Saiga antelope

This deep-sea animal has a protruding jaw and a bill-like nose.

Spear shark

Unicorn shark

Goblin shark

Frilled shark

Not only this animal the largest freshwater turtle, it is also endangered.

Snapping turtle

Sand tortoise

Cantor's giant softshell turtle

Pancake tortoise

This animal lives in central China and northern Myanmar.

Tufted deer

Fanged deer

Western fanged antelope

Buck-toothed goat

This animal is actually a sea cucumber that lives in the depths of the ocean.

Bloated worm

Oceanic fishblob

Potato pig

Sea pig

This animal lives in subtropical and tropical waters all over the planet.

Harbor seal

Water platypus

Oceanic hippo fish


This animal is considered a living fossil. What's it called?

Shark-tooth eel

Stellar's eel

Goblin shark

Frilled shark

These animals can inflate a pouch on their faces, which is used to scare away predators and attract mates.

Sea pig

Roosted walrus

Hooded seal

Balloon seal

This animal is not a fish. It's an amphibian.


Flat-nosed amphibian

Walking, six-point fish


There are 10 known species of this shark. What is it?

Goblin shark

Hammerhead shark

Great white shark


This animal walks on the ocean floor near Peru and the Galapagos Islands.

Horned frowny-frog

Strawberry crab

Strawberry fish

Red-lipped batfish

This animal is actually a wasp.

Panda ant

Colorless caterpillar

Cow wasp

Bullet ant

This blue sea slug is a shell-less mollusk.

Blue-streaked jellyfish

Glaucus atlanticus

Blue fairy water armadillo

Oceanic peacock fish

This medium-sized toothed whale is known as a ______?


Beluga whale

Unicorn seal


This animal is a desert-dwelling creature known for its large ears and hind legs.

Long-eared jerboa

Desert squirrel


Rat-tailed desert rabbit

This large wasp is known as a _________?

Flying ant

Blue-orange bee

Argyle's wasp

Tarantula hawk

These animals live in the tropics and subtropics of several continents.

Dracula bat

Vampire bat

Flying fox

Flying squirrel bat

This animal is usually shorter than 30 centimeters. What is it?


Pacu fish

Booger fish

Mucus worm

This animal is native to the Asian island of Borneo.

Big-nosed baboon

Ball-nosed monkey

Eckert's baboon

Proboscis monkey

This animal known for its bright colors and powerful punch.

Rainbow shrimp

Peacock lobster

Rainbow crawfish

Mantis shrimp

This marine animal is one-of-a-kind thanks to its unusual appearance.

Rug fish

Hairy frogfish

Nestled lionfish

Yellow-haired bottom dweller

Although it is not the cutest, this animal does not have pain receptors on the skin and is known for its longevity.

Star-nosed mole

Rabbit rat

Naked mole-rat

Sphynx cat

This animal was discovered in 2005 and is the only hair crustacean in the world.

Arctic crab

Long-hair spider

Yeti crab

Coconut crab

This South American animal is known for its long legs. However, it does not hunt in packs.

Maned wolf


Timber wolf

Long-hair fox

This animal looks like an eel, but this jawless fish is quite different when you see inside the mouth.



Crocodile eel

Shark-tooth worm

This animal is highly poisonous and lives in tropical sub-Saharan climates in Africa.

Dragon snake

Bush viper

Green mamba


Not only is it one of the ugliest creatures, but it is also the largest nocturnal primate in the world.

Slow loris

Flying squirrel

Long-eared gerboa


These animals are less than five inches long.


Braided tapir

Pink fairy armadillo

Naked mole-rat

This animal can be found in wet low areas throughout Northern America and Canada.

Rooster rat



Star-nosed mole

This animal is the largest land-living arthropod on the planet.

Giant tarantula

Yeti crab

Sand spider

Coconut crab

This is the only poisonous primate on earth.

Slow loris

Long-eared gerboa


Flying squirrel

It looks like a typical fish until you see its humanoid teeth.


Pacu fish

Hairem fish


This cat-like carnivore lives in Madagascar.

Weasel cat




This animal is native to East Africa and the Horn of Africa.

Patagonian mara


Long-necked deer


This animal is found in the Bay of Bengal and other rivers and seas in Southeast Asia.

Irrawaddy dolphin

Giant grey salamander


Amazon River dolphin

This is the only other egg-laying mammal beside the platypus.





This animal is found on an Indonesian island. What's it called?

Deer pig

Rhino pig

Horned swine


This wild cat that is known for making crazy facial expressions.

Pallas's cat

Miniature tiger

Saber-toothed cat

Slow loris

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