How Well Do You Know Your Plumbing? Basic Plumbing Quiz

How Well Do You Know Your Plumbing? Basic Plumbing Quiz
Imagine that the faucet in your apartment broke, what would you do? Will you be able to fix it yourself or will you have to call a plumber? Test your knowledge or prepare for the worst with this quiz!

Can you identify which of these is NOT a plumbing fixture?

Drinking Fountain


Kitchen Sink

Septic Tank

Why is a drain trap necessary?

It traps food particles in your dishwasher

It prevents debris from clogging your drain

It keeps unwanted sewer gas from seeping into your home

It helps your septic tank function

What does a ball float do?

It keeps your water heater from getting too hot

It helps your garbage disposal run smoothly

It prevents your washing machine from overflowing

It prompts water to stop after you flush a toilet

What’s the ideal temperature for a hot water heater?

200 degrees

160 degrees

180 degrees

120 degrees

How do you test a sump pump?

Call a plumber

Flush something hard

Reset it

Pour water into it

How many times per year should you flush a hot water tank?





What does a high loop do?

Holds up a sink hose

Operates a sink-sprayer

Connect a garbage disposal to a sink

Prevents dirty water from being pulled back into a dishwasher

If you want to stop the flow of water to your washing machine, what tool should you use?

Power button

Shut-off valve

Check valve

Wye strainer

When is the best time to use a chrome drain trap?


When it’s visible

If you don’t like copper pipes

When it matches your bathroom fixtures

How can you extend the life of your hot water heater?

Replace a corroded heating element

Relight the pilot light

Replace its pipes

Get a new tank

What is the typical diameter of water pipes in your home?

2 inches

3 centimeters

⅓ inch

½ inch

What does a drain stick do?

Clears hair and debris from shower drains

Temporarily stops a bathtub from draining

Unclogs toilets

Makes a drain hold onto water

What’s the best type of sealant for bathtubs and toilets?





How do you prevent a sink-sprayer from getting stuck?

Change the hose size

Add something greasy to keep it from sticking

Get a new one

Cover shutoff valves with insulation

How do you know if a shut off valve has a ceramic disc?

It’s a different color

It breaks easily

It’s smaller

It moves a quarter turn

On what side of the faucet would you find the cold water?


Who cares?


Doesn’t matter

How would you recommend getting your child’s toys out of the toilet?

Using your bare hand

Using a stick



As a rule of thumb, how often do plumbers recommend pumping out your septic tank?

Whenever you notice a backup


It depends on how you use it


What does a vent stack do?

Looks nice on your roof

Releases fumes from your plumbing system

Connects to your chimney

Catches rainwater

GPM is a common plumbing acronym. What does it stand for?

Great Pipe Maintenance

Good Plumbing Manners

Goals Per Month

Gallons Per Minute

Why would you want to install a faucet aerator?

It reduces splashing

It makes water taste better

It conserves water

It makes water heat up faster

How do you know you have a problem with your septic tank?

Sinks and showers drain slowly

All of the above

Standing water around your drainfield

Bad odors surround your tank

What does a plumber use a propane torch for?

Soldering copper pipes

Burning leftover materials

Staying warm during winter

Thawing frozen pipes

What does a closet flange do?

Connects the toilet drain to a drain pipe

Fits a pipe in your closet

Connects a pipe to your water heater

Sits under your sink

What is the main benefit of a tankless water heater?

It last longer than a traditional water heater

It’s small

It’s cheap

It only heats water when you need it

What can a wax ring accomplish?

It helps a garbage disposal work

It seals in bacteria from sewage

It connect to a hot water heater

It helps secure pipes

What is another name for cross-linked polyethylene, a cheap alternative to copper piping?





What happens when you “sweat a pipe”?

You use soldering to join copper pipes together

You run cold water through pipes, causing condensation to build

You work so hard on your project that you sweat all over your pipes

You run water through the pipes to ensure there are no leaks

What is the purpose of a pipe reducer?

It cuts pipes in half

It makes pipes smaller

It lessens the amount of water that moves through a pipe

It connects two pipes of different diameters

From what part of your home does your hot water line run?

Water Heater

The Ground

Garden Hose


Stay away from plumbing

With your knowledge of plumbing and tools, it's best to stay away from the bathroom. Otherwise, no one can avoid trouble. In the event of a breakdown, you prefer to contact professionals, as you do not want to understand everything yourself Send this quiz to your friends, let's see if they can do it better!

Minor issues only

You definitely have some knowledge about plumbing and tools, but they won't help fix a serious problem. You can handle small breakdowns, but in other cases, it is better to contact the professionals. Otherwise, the trouble can not be avoided Send this quiz to your friends, let's see if they can do it better!

Professional plumber

You have so much knowledge about plumbing and tools that you can handle any problem on your own. Whether it's something minor or a real disaster, you know what to do. Therefore, you are not afraid of any breakdowns in the bathroom. Send this quiz to your friends, let's see if they can do it better!