Take This Basic Physics Quiz Questions

Take This Basic Physics Quiz Questions
Physics is not a simple science but provides basic knowledge about how the world works. Therefore, it's everyone needs to know the basics. Let's see how well you understand physics!

Recently, an island made of what was discovered on the moon, Titan?

Clouds thick enough to walk on

Diamond formations


Nitrogen bubbles

In short, what are shadows?

Us blocking the sun

The dispersion of the sun

The absence of light

Our inner souls

Which best represents Newton's second law of motion?

A person riding a bicycle

Pulling different objects with the same force that are both too heavy to move

A picture hanging on the wall not falling

How a magician pulls a table cloth without disturbing the dishes

What type of simple machine is a seesaw?

Inclined plane




Which of these would NOT happen if you drilled a hole through the center of the earth and jumped through?

You would not stop being slung back and forth

You would disintegrate

The hole would immediately close up

You would land on the other side, gravity flipping for you

What will happen to the force of gravity if the mass of one object is tripled?


The gravitational force would be divided by three

It will triple the gravitational force

The earth would explode

What do we call stars that look like one unit, but are actually two stars?


Twinkle Twins

Dual Stars


What two things cause a rainbow to appear?

Ultraviolet waves and electromagnetic waves

None of these

Absorption and diffusion

Reflections and refractions

Why causes stars to twinkle?

It's just an illusion




What is radar?

A device that receives radio signals

A device for ships alone that detects other ships

A device for detecting where an object is

A device that detects the weather in a ship/plane

What makes most raincoats waterproof?


Gravitational Fabric


Surface tension

How do mirages occur?

It's all in your mind, no science behind it

When light rays are bent

By our physical longing for it to be true

By the heat in the desert that disrupt our vision

How long does it take the light from the sun to reach us?

.00001 seconds

45 minutes

8 minutes

17 seconds

What would most likely cause a siphoning to not work?

The liquids are the same level

One of the liquids is lower than the other

The densities of the liquids are the same

The siphon is too small

What causes paper to absorb ink?

Differences in density


Capillary Action


Which of the following is strongly attracted to magnets?





What is a solar eclipse?

When the moon is between the earth and the sun

When the sun is between the moon and the earth

When the earth is between the moon and the sun

When the moon and sun are on opposite sides of the earth

What kind of lens does a magnifying glass use?





What makes water in swimming pools and lakes appear less deep than in reality?





Why do water pipes bust on cold nights?

The frost on the pipes weight it down

Water expands when it freezes

Accelerated rust from the cold

The pipes freeze and become fragile

What does Newton's first law of motion cover?





What does AM stand for in radio lingo? Yes, it's a physics question!

Amplitude modulation

Ante Meridian

Asynchronous Mode

Active Matrix

What is density?

Mass times weight

Weight times mass

Mass divided by volume

Surface divided by mass

What does the C in E=MC^2 stand for?

Speed of light




What is the freezing point of water (Fahrenheit)?

11 degrees

20 degrees

32 degrees

0 degrees

What is the boiling point for water (Fahrenheit)?

212 degrees

100 degrees

500 degrees

320 degrees

What are calories?





Who defined what the laws of gravitation were?

Isaac Newton

Galileo Galilea

Albert Einstein


Sunlight exerts what?

Radiation pressure


Radiant light

Radiation poisoning

Why do birds fly so high in the sky?

To stay away from predators

The stronger winds let them to less work

No reason

To dodge airplanes

If someone throws a ball in the air, the ball has what type of energy?

Chemical energy

Electric energy

Kinetic Energy

Potential Energy

An apple sitting on the table has what type of energy?

Chemical energy

Electric energy

Kinetic energy

Potential energy

Where is wind the slowest?

On mountaintops

In the desert

In forests

Near the ocean surface

What does mass times acceleration equal?

Fast Mass




What do we call a scientist who studies physics?

A physiologist

A physicist

A psychiatrist

Nothing Special

What Is Physics?

You don't seem to fully understand what kind of science physics is. At school, you may have heard something about Newton and energy, but all the formulas and laws have bypassed you. Now it is difficult for you to imagine what electric current, gravity, and radio waves are. However, after our test, the world of physics has become a little closer to you! Send this quiz to your friends, let's see if they can do it better!

Basic Knowledge

Since your school days, you remember something about Newton, energy, and gravity. This knowledge is enough for you to understand how the world works and by what laws it works. However, when it comes to more complex matters, you get lost. Knowledge can always be improved. For example, using our test! Send this quiz to your friends, let's see if they can do it better!

Physics Teacher

Do you happen to teach physics at school? You know all the formulas and laws so well that this science seems to you something simple and understandable. You can already help those who do not know what energy and gravity are. Let's promote science to the masses! Send this quiz to your friends, let's see if they can do it better!