Career Quiz

Career Quiz

Time to find a suitable career! Take this quiz to reveal the work traits you most often display and find out what career areas you would be best suited to. 

Does getting to know new people come naturally to you?





Your friends keep saying you're good with..

Numbers / languages / maps

Plants / animals

Art and creativity

Equipment and technology

Where do you feel comfortable and relaxed?

In the company of good people

In the country

In a workshop/ laboratory

The house of your dreams must have a lot of...


Beautiful furniture and design accessories

Appliances and devices


When you need to find a solution in a new situation, you...

Read books on the topic, analyze the situation, and make calculations

Ask an expert for help


Watch video tutorials and documentaries on the topic

What did you like to do as a kid?

Take long walks in the forest/park, often alone

Build, disaseble, and repair things.

Imagine new worlds, draw maps, and invent languages

Paint, dance, and sing songs

Play with other kids, socialize

During a trip to another country, you prefer to...

Take long walks in beautiful parks and go to the zoo

Go to a party and get to know local people

Visit a spectacular show, go to the exhibition, and buy souvenirs

Build your own tourist route and practice a foreign language

Visit a technology museum, study the city architecture

For you, the best way to process and memorize new information is to...

Tell someone about it

Write it down in a structured form

Obtain it yourself

Create a vivid association or image

In your work, you always...

Consult with your colleagues

Stick to a plan

Track performance and keep everything under control

Make multiple changes in the process

What does the desktop of your computer look like?

Nature wallpaper, lots of free space

Abstract wallpaper, icons and docs are structured

Chaotic icons and docs, bright wallpaper, and creative disorder

Everything is in perfect order, any icon/doc is easy to find

What did you dream of as a kid?

Pretty dolls and toys

Lego, remote controlled car toys


Journeys and adventures

Your wedding and a family of your own

Image you're moving to another planet. What will be your biggest concern?

What laws of physics apply there?

Will I be there alone? What about other people?

What flora and fauna does the planet have?

I need to draw a map

What window view will I have?

What is your favorite thing to watch?

Animal Planet and nature documentaries

Melodrama, comedy, TV series

Video tutorials, equipment reviews, and "MythBusters"

Films, music videos


Which gift do you like best?

House plant

New device or toolbox

Book, training course

Concert tickets, creativity set

What helps you calm down in a difficult situation?

Doing something

Being around my pets

Talking to a close friend or family member

Analyzing the problem and searching for solutions

Drawing, listening to music

You're a nature lover

You love working with plants and animals and exploring biological processes. It's safe to say that you worship nature. You know how to take care of living organisms and value them above everything else. We bet that as a kid, you would bring home stray cats and dogs! You've carried love to plants and animals throughout your entire life. You can forecast changes in living organisms, thus preventing multiple problems and crises. You're a balanced and calm person. What's more, you're hardworking and independent. You love to spend time in a forest or park, one on one with nature and your thoughts. What occupation is the best for you? We're sure you'll love a career of zoologist, biologist, ecologist, veterinarian, landscape designer, florist, pharmacist, and the like. For you, the main thing is to engage with plants, trees, flowers, and animals. It gives you joy and peace. 

You're a tech person

Your biggest passion is working with mechanisms, equipment, appliances, materials, and energy. You like to spend hours studying a certain mechanism or process. You have an inventor's spirit in you. You design and build devices like a professional. Plus, you can repair literally anything. You like the idea that technology is making our lives more comfortable and safe, and you're determined to contribute to this process. As for your traits, you're a disciplined and persistent person who never gives up and always keeps their promises. There are lots of career paths open for you. Consider the profession of a mechanic, engineer, architect, industrial designer, programmer, etc. Consider the profession of a mechanic, engineer, architector, industrial designer, programmer, etc. You can apply your skills and talents in a variety of amazing fields. Good luck!   

You like to work with people

You're 100% a team player and you can't imagine your life without other people. You find joy in socializing and sharing your ideas and expertise with others. There is a high chance you have good leadership qualities. Also, you're a pretty good psychologist. You can see through people and really understand them. You know exactly how to break the ice and build an emotional relationship with a new acquaintance. It's no surprise your friends and colleagues trust you with all their heart and always ask you for advice. As for ideal occupations for a person like you, you have a big choice! You can become a doctor, nurse, teacher, coach, therapist, personnel manager, customer support operator, seller, insurance agent, social worker, waiter, etc. The list can go on and on! The main thing is that you have daily contact with people. 

You like sign systems

There is no doubt about it: you're really good with sign systems, such as languages, sheet music, drawings, formulae, programming languages, maps, codes, encryptions, etc. You're attentive, focused and concentrated. You're not afraid of routine work. For you, "monotonous" doesn't mean "boring." You love processing, analyzing, and structuring informaton. You tend to spend hours fully immersed into your work. You have a pretty good choice of useful and interesting professions, such as an economist, IT specialist, translator, interpreter, accountant, programmer, tester, etc. Be sure to explore each of these careers and find the one that suits you best!

You're an artsy person

Congratulations! You have a knack for arts! This means you like all things creative and original. You can't live without cinema, music, fashion, dance, and the like. You stand out from the crowd for your creative abilities and unique world perception. You enjoy being in the spotlight. For you, expressing yourself in an artistic way is as natural as breathing. Ambitious and driven, you strive for self-fulfillment.   You should look into the careers of an actor, cinema director, fashion designer, blogger, journalist, composer, writer, makeup artist, dancer, or other creative careers. You need to uncork your creative juices and tap into your artistic potential. You have so much to offer to the world.   We hope you find a career you're passion about!