Could You Survive The Hunger Games?

Could You Survive The Hunger Games?
Do you volunteer as tribute? They're not hosting the Hunger Games this year, but it's smart to be ready for anything. Find out your chances of survival here!

Which of these do you see as your spirit animal?







If you were going to be stranded in the woods, what is the one thing you’d want to have with you?


A knife

My cell phone-for as long as the battery lasts


Duct tape

A friend

What is your favorite Olympic Sport to watch?




Track and Field


Figure Skating

Pick a dream vacation?

Backpacking through the cities of Europe

Enjoying the nightlife and pool parties in Las Vegas

Going on thrill rides at a theme park

Camping in the woods

Relaxing at a tropical beach resort

Hiking through the rainforests

What do you look at most on Pinterest?

Home Design


Hairstyles and fashion

Travel Destinations


Party planning

If you won the lottery (the one that gives you money) what would you do?

Set up a scholarship fund

Invest in new technologies


Help my family

Throw a party and go shopping

Donate to a charity

Your co-worker asks you to lie to cover for them. What do you do?

Turn them in.

Lie for them.

Lie for them and then feel guilty about it.

Tell them you are uncomfortable doing that.

Agree to lie, but use this opportunity to get something you want from them.

Hide the rest of the day to make sure you don’t have to lie.

How competitive are you?

I don’t care if I win or lose. As long as everyone has fun.

I like to win, but not at the cost of hurting others.

I try my best, but sometimes am lazy.

I don’t like competing.

I need to be the best at everything and will do what I have to.

I strive to do my best always.

What do you mostly like to eat?

Whole grains, Eggs, and Beans

Vegetarian or Vegan foods

Sweets and snacks

Fast food or take out

Breads and Pastas

Organic meats and vegetables

How often do you work out?

I know I should work out more because I love food so much.

Twice a week.

Everyday. A day is wasted without exercise.

Never. Unless you count lifting the tv remote as a weight.

I try to work out almost everyday.

I only run if I’m being chased.

No Chance

You should stay away not only from the Hunger Games venue but also from any competitions. Your athletic achievements and survival skills leave much to be desired. So, in order not to put your life at risk, do not volunteer as a tribute! Send this quiz to your friends, let's see which result they will get!

There Is a Chance

Judging by your answers, you have a chance to survive during the Hunger Games. No one says it will be easy, but anything is possible. You just need to find an ally you can trust! Send this quiz to your friends, let's see which result they will get!

The Prize Is Here

Your physical fitness and survival skills will allow you to pass any challenges. Winning the Hunger Games will not be difficult for you, especially if you can find an ally you can trust! Send this quiz to your friends, let's see which result they will get!