Deductive Reasoning Test

Deductive Reasoning Test
Do you like detective stories like Sherlock Holmes? Then you might have solved difficult puzzles and imagined yourself a true detective. Let's find out how you deal with our questions! Attention! You need to rack your brain!

Five diggers can dig up 5 feet of trench for 5 hours. How many diggers are necessary for digging up 100 feet of trench for 100 hours?

The same 5 diggers are necessary for this job. If 5 diggers can dig up 5 feet of trench for 5 hours, then they need 1 hour to dig up 1 feet, and 100 hours to dig up 100 feet.






There's a person who lives on the 17th floor. He is able to take an elevator all the way to his floor when it's raining or when a neighbor is taking elevator with him. In all other cases, he takes the elevator to the 9th floor and then walks the rest of the way up. Why?

This person is a dwarf. He uses his umbrella to press the 17th floor button or asks someone to do it.

This person is superstitious

This person is a sportsman

This person is weather-sensitive

This person is a dwarf

This person is extrovert

A hot air balloon is being carried by continuous southerly wind. What direction will the flags on its basket wave?

A hot air balloon carried by the wind is at rest with respect to ambient air; the flags won't be waving at all but hanging down as if there's no wind





Flags will be hanging down

Is this possible?

When a person is 50, his grandchild is only 1 month old?

If it's raining at midnight, can we expect a sunny weather in 72 hours?

No, because in 72 hours it will be midnight again.

When my dad was 31, I was 8. Now is twice older than me. How old am I?

Correct answer: 23. The gap between dad and son's ages is 23 years. The son has to turn 23, and his dad will be twice older than him in this case.

15 years old

23 years old

25 years old

20 years old

34 years old

19 years old

There was a robbery at the Embassy of Austria. The ambassador left his office for 10 minutes. While he away, someone stole an emerald that was supposed to be exhibited. Which of the suspects lies?

Read again the guard's alibi. It doesn't hold water. It's impossible to hang the Austrian flag upside down, as it will look exactly the same.

The cook: 'I went to the market to buy tomatoes'

The guard: 'I was changing the position of the flag. It has hung upside down'

The attaché: 'I was in my office editing the speech'

The janitor: 'I was cleaning the carpet in the hallway'

This case is more difficult. Marchello and Enzo are two business partners who were drinking cocktails in the bar. Marchello drank one cocktail, Enzo - five. They were ordering snacks as well: Marchello ate six olives, and Enzo - three. As a result, Marchello was poisoned. Where was the poison?

The bartender added poison to ice cubes. Enzo was drinking his cocktails fast; ice didn't have time to melt. On the other hand, Marchello was a slow-drinker, and he was poisoned.

Inside cocktail straws

In the olives

In the ice cubes

On the rim of the glass

Again a murder! The victim is the accountant of development company. His was killed in his own office with a knife. A dying man was able to type 2208 on a calculator. Who is the killer?

If you type 2208 on a calculator and then turn it upside down, it will read BOSS. This is how accountant could point at his murderer.

A head of the company

Junior accountant

A worker named John

It was a suicide

Okay, the last murder. The victim is a founder of Mei-Mei fashion house. Her body was found in a restroom of a luxury hotel&restaurant in Paris. The following suspects were nearby: Jose the waiter, Jamie the cook, and Bill and Clara, a young couple from US. What do you think?

Think about Clara. Isn't she the only suspect who could enter ladies restroom without any problems?

Looks like it's Jose

Looks like it's Jamie

Looks like it's Bill

Looks like it's Clara

Quite poor, Watson!

You're still far from becoming the next Sherlock; you need more practice and training. You can hardly find the keys in your own apartment, not to mention killer or thief. However, there's good news! Deduction can be developed. For instance, watch Twin Peaks or read Agatha Christie. What about your friends? Share this test with them!

Not bad, Watson!

You have all the chances of becoming the next Sherlock! Have you ever thought of becoming detective and solving the most difficult and confusing cases? Of course, a bit of training is still required, as we were able to confound you by some of the questions. Perhaps, you should watch Twin Peaks or read Agatha Christie. What about your friends? Share this test with them!

Elementary, my dear Watson!

Sherlock isn't good enough to be your partner, because you're solving the most difficult and puzzling cases instantly! We tried to confound you, but your detective skills are amazing. We can only wish you to keep your mind sharp and train it more. What about your friends? Share this test with them!