Women's Clothing Style Personality Quiz

Women's Clothing Style Personality Quiz
Creating one's wardrobe is not a simple thing. Especially if you are not sure what to add and in what style. Sneakers or court shoes? Classics or casual? Take the quiz and find out what style fits you best according to your appearance and character.

What is the form of your shoulders?

Sloping and round

Wide and blunt

Even and symmetrical

Narrow and sharp

What is the length of your legs?

Quite short and small

Long and wide

Average length, in proportion to the body

Long and narrow

What dress do you like most?

What activity do you like most?

Making bouquets

Treating horses

Making up lists

Acting on the stage

What color do you pay attention to when choosing clothes?

Peach or pink

Grey or blue

Dark blue or wine red

Purple or carroty

What do you often wear in summer?

Dresses and peep-toes

Shorts and T-shirts

Light blouses and skirts

Mini-skirts and sport shoes

How can you describe your everyday look?

Feminine, romantic, vintage

Simple, comfortable, harmonious

Neat, fairly strict

Eclectic, eye-catching

What type is your figure?

Wide thighs, narrower shoulders

The waist, thighs and shoulders are approximately the same width

A slender waistline, shoulders and thighs are at the same level

Thighs are narrower than shoulders

What clothes do you have in your wardrobe in abundance?

Lacy blouses



Draped and asymmetric dresss

Your facial features...

Quite large, not sharp

Not quite regular, round

Symmetrical, regular

Sharp, angular

What dinner clothes will you choose?

Long, full-length, lacy dress

A practical trapeze dress

A little black dress

Satin intricate dress

What shoes do you usually wear?

Ballet pumps


Classical heels

Depends on my mood - from Louboutins to felt boots

What accessories do you like?

Intricate, subtle

Small, minimalistic

Classical, jewelry

Gaudy, eye-catching

What make-up do you prefer?

Nude, tender or with sparkles

Plain, minimum



What bag do you usually wear?

Big, soft

Casual backpack

Firm, average size

From a clutch to a sports backpack

Romantic style will fit you!

You're a tender, sensual girl, a piece of femininity. To emphasize it choose light, fluidic fabrics of natural and subdued colors. The dresses and skirts of different cuts with floral, plant, geometrical prints can make the basis of your wardrobe. Silk or organza blouses will also fit you. It would be great to put an emphasis on the waistline. From shoes - sandals, peep-toes, heels, light sneakers. Share the quiz result to make your friends take it too!

Natural style will fit you!

This style means simplicity, naturality, comfort. You're a harmonious and calm nature. You should pay attention to clothes made of natural fabrics - cotton, wool, flax. Jeans, light, free trousers, one-piecers, shirt dresses will highlight your "naturality". You'd better choose colors from natural ones too - blue, grey, milky, green, turquoise, beige, lemon. Share the quiz result to make your friends take it too!

Classical style will fit you!

You're an elegant, reserved girl with a sense of proportion. The classical style will glam you up. Sheath dresses, trouser suits, blouses, trench coats will make the great basis of your wardrobe. It's better to choose unshowy prints - polka dots, striped, checkered, houndstooth. Both natural (beige, blue, pink, grey) and bright (dark blue, red, black, white) colors are recommended. It's better not to use complex cuts of neon colors. Share the quiz result to make your friends take it too!

Dramatic style will fit you!

You're an interesting and creative nature, and clothing is a great way to express it! The dramatic style is complex cuts, unusual styles, the abundance of details. Leather clothes of all types, narrow-leg or baggy trousers, check shirts fit you. The main motto of the dramatic style is beauty and eye-catching. Share the quiz result to make your friends take it too!