Men's Clothing Style Personality Quiz

Men's Clothing Style Personality Quiz
Today a great deal of attention is paid to a man's look. Want to revamp your wardrobe but don't know what to choose? Our quiz will help you to define your style!

Do you like ties?

I have 2-3 ties

Oh, God, why someone did invent them?

Checkered, tweed ones - awesome!

Do you keep an active lifestyle?

Not really

Yes, indeed

I only walk with my Husky

Do you like to choose clothes?

Yes, I like everything to be harmonious

I like to choose clothes for workouts

No, I can easily put granddad's trousers on

What look do you prefer?

What clothes do you have in your wardrobe in abundance?

Jackets made of natural fabrics


Washed out jeans

Do you have strict dress code at work?

Quite strict


I'm a freelancer

What clothes do you choose for an evening event?

What's the main thing in a man's character?

Reserve and determination

Strength of mind and confidence

Sense of humor and courage

If you want to have a beard, what it would be like?

Lightly unshaven, no more than that

Short cut

Fleecy, thick

Do you wear accessories?



Yes, patches and bracelets

What is the main color of your clothes?

Grey, dark blue, black, sand

White, black, red, blue

Green, orange, yellow

If you want to change your image, what will you do?

A new haircut

Buy new sneakers

A tattoo

What would you like as a gift?

A shirt

A backpack

A hat

Do you like denims?

I wear only jeans; denim shirt and jacket - no

Not really


What shoes do you like most?

Casual will fit you best!

Casual is a free urban style. It's known for its naturality, simplicity, ease. Knitted jumpers and blazers, self-colored tweed suits, Derby shoes, jeans, chino pants belong to this style. Casual is a great option for every day! Share the quiz result to make friends take this quiz too!


You like comfort and convenience. Athleisure will fit you, probably, with military elements. Take a closer look at sweatshirts, oversized T-shirts, cuffed pants and sneakers of all types. Share the quiz result to make friends take this quiz too!  

Hipster style!

This style means independence from other fashion trends. Most often young creative people prefer this style, but it's simple to make an outfit in this style.T-shirts with bright prints, hats, check shirts, jeans, converse shoes will fit you. Share the quiz result to make friends take this quiz too!