Stomach Flu or Food Poisoning Quiz

Stomach Flu or Food Poisoning Quiz
Do you feel bad? You may be suffering from a bellyache, sickness, and other symptoms. However, there can be many reasons for this condition including food poisoning! Take this quiz to figure out the diagnosis!

Do you notice the temperature rise?

Do you feel sick?


Yes, a strong feeling

Yes, sometimes a little

Does sickness result in vomiting?

Yes, often

No, I just have an unpleasant feeling

Yes, but rarely

Do you feel a bellyache in the area of bowels?

Yes, there are spasms too


My belly is aching but in another area

What about your pulse?



Do you feel that your hands and feet run cold?

Had you ever convulsions?

Do you feel general uneasiness, body pain?

Yes, all the time

Yes, rarely


How often do you have headaches?

Are you thirsty all the time?

How often do you have dizziness?

Yes, this is poisoning

It seems you got poisoned indeed and the reason is low-quality food. Remember what exactly you have eaten recently and what seemed not quite fresh. You can get poisoned at one's place, cafes, a picnic and even at your house with the food you cooked on your own. The reason can be poor quality or spoiled products, dishes you cooked or kept violating sanitary standards. If the symptoms do bother you, we recommend visiting a doctor!

Food poisoning is not the reason

No, it doesn't relate to poisoning. Besides, you didn't eat recently something that could provoke this reaction. Probably, stress or exhaustion after a hard working week influences your state, and maybe something else - a symptom of another disease, but it has nothing to do with food. Look after your health, and if the symptoms do bother you, we recommend visiting a doctor!