Do You Have Smiling Depression?

Do You Have Smiling Depression?
Walking depression is a chronic type of depression. A disturbance of mood with the same cognitive and physical problems as depression but less heavy and long. Answer the questions and find out whether you have walking depression. This test doesn't replace a medical diagnosis.

Do you feel a depressed condition for about two years or more?

More often, you are




Assess your performance over the last 2 years

It's hard for you to enjoy something for some time now.

What do you plan for the nearest future?

A mountain trip or a meeting with friends at the café at least

Common, routine plans


Do you often feel yourself a loser?

If someone tells you, "Hey, don't be sad!", what's your reaction?

How many times a weak do you laugh?

Do you have suicidal thoughts?

What's your day like?

Work/studies, gym, meetings with friends

Work/studies, domestic cares, inadequate night's sleep

Bed, insomnia, voidness

Your appetite has changed over the last two years.

Assess your desire to deal with and have contact with other people.

Do you have the feeling of voidness in the head, the absence of thoughts?

Scarcely ever


Quite often

Are you often positive?

How many times a day do you feel dissatisfaction with yourself, despair?

You often have a headache, joint pains and a belly-ache.

Probably, you have no walking depression!

You can hardly be called a sad, unhappy person. You know how to have fun, to find something good in every day and stay vivacious in spite of petty annoyances! One can take lead from you! Share the test, maybe someone from your friends would decide to take this test too :)

You should take more care of your health

Most likely, you don't have chronical depression but you need to take care of your condition. Psychiatric health, as well as the physical one, needs care and attention too. That's why you shouldn't brush aside help. A psychologist's consultation and regime correction will probably improve your mood and state in general. Share the test, maybe someone from your friends would decide to take this test too :)

You probably need to visit a specialist

If your depressed state lasts for more than 1 year, the help of a psychotherapist will likely bring you back to life. Great depression and walking depression are the same diseases as others, that's why we recommend visiting a specialist. We're sure you're a strong person! Wish you good health! Share the test, maybe someone from your friends would decide to take this test too :)