Do I want a divorce?

2019-10-09 09:24:37
Do I want a divorce?
There are no perfect marriages, but there are particular periods when it's possible to correct made mistakes and bring good relations back home. Take our quiz to check whether you should divorce.

You're angry at your spouse. What will you do?

Silently put his/her fault in a special notebook

Calmly say what you don't like

Keep yelling and express your discontent

Your spouse has insecurities about his/her appearance peculiarities. You…

Don't bring up this question at all

You say that it's sexy although you may think otherwise

Lovingly joke about it

You won the lottery. Your significant other wants to buy a car, and you - to redo your place. What is the chance that you'll reach an agreement on a scale from 1 to 10?

Your friends and you have dinner, your significant other says for everybody to hear that you shouldn't eat the sweet since you've put on some weight, You…

say "Look at yourself!"

won't order a dessert

won't say anything in public but will say that these words hurt you when you'll be home

It's a mess in the bed. Do you admit your fault?

Next summer you plan to go on a journey. How does your soulmate feel about it?

How do you feel what reaction your leave will provoke in your partner?

He/she'll blame you in your desire to get divorced

He/she'll be very upset

He/she'll try to take his/her mind off things

Your partner annoys you all the time

How long ago did you understand that you want to divorce?

You felt since the first days that this relationship is short-life

You started to think about it lately

You didn't think about it at all

Your partner wants to spend the evening with his/her friends. You…

I'll make myself useful too

I'll go with him/her

You'll say that she/he doesn't pay you attention at all

You need to divorce

It's strange that you're married at all. You don't understand and don't support each other even in small things, not to speak of serious decisions. You need to get your stuff and get out of his/her life slamming the door as hard as you can. This break will help you to get rid of anger and grudge against your partner. Share this quiz on social media - let's see whether the marriage of your friends is safe.

Divorce is probable

You are too loyal to your spouse and he/she doesn't listen to your opinion and sometimes acts in bad taste. Probably, you need to review your attitude toward this situation and sometimes take a stand. But if nothing changes after a while, it will be time to think about a divorce. Share this quiz on social media - let's see whether the marriage of your friends is safe.

You have a perfect marriage

It's strange that you think about getting divorced. You're equal partners in this marriage: you respect each other, listen to each other. It can be said your marriage is perfect. Whatever you do for this - keep going! Share this quiz on social media - let's see whether the marriage of your friends is safe.