Quiz: Are You Ready to Have Another Baby?

Quiz: Are You Ready to Have Another Baby?
Children are a great joy and even a greater responsibility. Some girls have imagined themselves in a mother's role ever since they were a child, while others have no desire for that lifestyle. Find out what your future holds with this quiz!

When you are thinking about motherhood or fatherhood, you

believe you’ll be a perfect mom or dad

you’re afraid that there will be no time for yourself

try to not think about it

When you're with children, what do you do?

Happily keep company with them, play, talk

I like to be with them, but it depends on my mood

I try not to touch them and don’t pay attention

Your reaction to a positive pregnancy test?

Hurray! Finally!

Well, my life will be much different...

Oh, no, that's impossible!

If you give birth to a child, you

would nurse him every other minute

would think what to do with him

would give it to his grandmom

What do you think parents find the most precious?

To see how their child is laughing

To be proud of their child


What do you feel when you hear a baby crying?


Faint irritation


Do you have pets and houseplants?

Yes, I like to take care of someone

No, it requires responsibility

No, I’ll hardly be able to take care of a pet

If friends ask you to babysit, you...

will agree with pleasure

I can help if it’s for a couple of hours

No-no, I have plans!

Do you like to be home?

Yes, indeed

Yes, but I have to spend much time outside

No, I come home only to pass the night

What do you think about your career?

I don't really want to work

I’m not an eager beaver, but my job is important for me

This is all about me!

When you're thinking about your family, you...

want the same friendly family

want to build other relationships in your family

want to stay a child

Are you ready to stay awake all night to calm your baby?

Yes, tha baby is the most important thing

I just hope it wouldn’t be every night

No, I’m not ready at all

How many children do you want?

The more the better

I think two

One at the most

Would it be hard for you to change your life in a big way for 2-3 years?

No, I’m ready for changes for child’s sake

I wouldn’t want to change my life dramatically

No, my lifestyle is comfortable at most

What's your attitude to body changes after delivery - body, hair, tooth?

This is natural

It’ll be necessary to take care of yourself


You're sure in your desire!

You strongly want a baby. Probably, you even consider motherhood your vocation. We're sure you'll be a loving and caring mom, and this is great! Share the quiz result to make your friends take it!

You have doubts

You wouldn't mind being a mother, but some circumstances embarrass you. You hardly want to give birth soon. You understand that a child is not a toy, and you need to be 100% ready for its appearance. Share the quiz result, let your friends find out what they want!

You have some other plans

You aren't sure about the readiness to give birth. Probably, now you have other goals and worries. In any case, it's up to you! Share the quiz result to take it some time later.  Maybe something will change? :)