Do You Have A Victim's Complex?

Do You Have A Victim's Complex?
Many of us sincerely want to live freely and naturally, but our unconscious resistance can be very strong, especially if we feel like a victim all the time. On one hand, this is a comfortable position, but significantly slows down the personality's development. Do you have a victim complex? Find out by answering 10 questions.

Which of these statements is more correct in your opinion?

All failures happen in a cruel twist of fate

Life is what you make it

God helps him who helps himself

You tend to mock, poke fun at yourself

You need to make a decision. What are you guided by?

Only my opinion

I'll ask people I know, friends', relatives' advice

I gather information from different sources and make a decision on my own

What are the chances you'll turn down a request from a little-known person on a scale from 1 to 10?

A friend of yours disagrees with your claim. Will you take a stand?

No, nerves are more important

You should always take a stand

I'll try but probably fail. I don't know how to persuade people

How much do you need constant approval on the part of people around?

Your neighbor gets to know that her husband/boyfriend is cheating on her. You tell her...

Tell him everything you think about him right now

Try to lead him on to this subject

They're all the same

You're offered the job of your dreams in another country. Your parents are desperate because of your leaving. Your reaction...

In your opinion, the rough and tumble of life are explained by…

You're too hard driving

Others throw sand in the wheels

You don't understand everything

Your friend tells you that it was she who gave you a very bad flu

Not a big deal

I missed two business days because of it!

Oh, please, no!

You're a victim

It seems you've hidden behind the victim's position and now reap all its fruits. You're aware of the devastating effect of some relations that you maintain. You can quickly recognize who is hurting you among the people you know. But instead of avoiding them you reach after them since you're waiting for the moment when they admit that they hurt you and you get into a trap. A tip - leave this vicious cycle, accept your needs and allow yourself suffering if they are not met. This way you'll be able to go on the path of independent and full life. Share this quiz on social media - let's check how your friends pull it through.

Sometimes you bow to the fate

A victim's complex is not about you but sometimes you underestimate yourself. Your self-esteem changes depending on the situation. When everything goes well, you're unmatched, but when problems emerge you tend to surrender. But you often win the fight because you don't revolve around failures, try not to depend on what other people think and always work on yourself. And you can take the leader's position in the situation of stress or time shortage. Share this quiz on social media - let's check how your friends pull it through.

You're not a victim at all

You have no victim's syndrome. You love yourself as you are. Adequate self-esteem is typical of you. You know your strengths and weaknesses well and never head for praises. You feel comfortable even without other people's approval. your leadership qualities are well-developed. You don't let anyone order you, know how to take a stand and don't forget to listen to the opponent. Share this quiz on social media - let's check how your friends pull it through.