Do You Have Passive-aggressive Personality Disorder?

Do You Have Passive-aggressive Personality Disorder?
We all periodically experience unhappiness but people with a passive-aggressive disorder cannot express it openly. Passive discontent and rage can have a strong impact on a person's psyche and life. Take the test and find out if you tend to keep your displeasure secret.

If you're given a task at studies or work, which you don't like, you...

You try to do it faster or ask for colleagues' help

You cut up rough for long, take offense and unwillingly do your job

You postpone to the last possible second and make excuses hoping that the task will be given to another person

You're afraid of open conflict

Are you sure that all problems come from sinister?

No, life is what you make it

Sometimes I believe it's true

Yes, I agree

Did it happen that you harmed a person behind his back?

No, I don't support this

Only if I spilled dirt

Yes, it happened

Assess how much are you content with your life

You were totally controlled when you were little

When you don’t like something in your partner's behavior, you…

Tell him/her about it

Sometimes conceal, sometimes tell

You tell that everything's fine and then take offence that no one understood your emotions

Do you like to ack like a hater on the Internet?

No, this is disgusting

If my mood is bad I may flog the cat in this way

Yes, it brings me satisfaction

When you get to know about the success of a person you know, how does your face look?

You often manipulate people.

Your ex-classmates offered you meet together in a café, but you don't want to. Your actions?

You'll say sorry and mention your plans

You'll go and be internally angry at on yourself and them

When they're already waiting for you, you'll say that you've fallen sick and complain about your bad feeling

How many times a week do you think that you're underestimated and misunderstood?

You're afraid or don’t want to take responsibility

Do you tend to forecast the worst outcome of the situation?

No, I hope for the best!


Yes, that's about me

Asess how much rules confine and get in your way

You know how to express emotions

This disorder hardly threats you since you know how to rejoice and be angry openly. That's great! Share the test result with your friends to let them check themselves too!

You have some problems with aggression manifestation

The chances that you have passive-aggressive disorder are low but you should think about your ability to express aggression. Sometimes you hide it behind other actions - stubbornness, sarcasm, offenses but this can deteriorate both relationships with people around and your inner harmony. If it bothers you, the psychotherapist's consultation will help you. Share the test result with your friends to let them check themselves too!

Probably, you should think over your feelings

Passive aggression is harmful, above all things, for the one who experiences it. Probably, the psychotherapist's consultation will help you openly express your emotions and solve conflicts in a constructive way. Wish your good health and well-being! Share the test result with your friends to let them check themselves too!