How Persuasive Are You?

How Persuasive Are You?
A well-worded argument is enough to sway the opinion of some, while others resort to the arts of hypnosis, manipulation, and even blackmail. Do you have the gift of persuasion? Take this quiz and find out for sure. Have we persuaded you? Then let's go! 

If you decide to give a piece of advice to someone, you'll start with these words...

If I were you, I ...

It seems you can...

I strongly recommend you ...

I'm definitely not an expert, but you can ...

So you gave your advice. And what answer do you often hear?

Well, I should've thought about it

It's good that I am doing it my way

Eh, I should've listened to you

Well, I don't know, this was a controversial option

Do you like to be in the limelight?

Yes, it's great when everyone is listening to you

Oh, yes, and more border lights!

No, I really don't feel comfortable

No, I immediately start acting strangely

What area does attract you most?

Business. I want to make money

Politics. It's interesting there

Art, definitely

Psychology. You need to know people

What does it mean to be a successful person?

To earn a lot of money

To earn a great reputation, be an influential person

To be self-sufficient and an independent person

To have good relations with close ones

A famous phrase, "Truth is born of arguments". Do you agree?

In vino veritas. I don't know about arguments.

Yes, an argument is a way to prove to your opponent that he doesn't understand anything in life

Of course, how else can you find out what your opponent thinks?

Oh, I don’t like arguments, bickering. It’s better to talk peacefully

We all dreamed of some unusual profession when we were little. You dreamed to become...

A celebrity, doesn't matter who exactly

A president

A cosmonaut

Someone who saves people

Do you have many friends?

A lot of friends and people I know

Not many but enough for me

Yes, I can address anybody

No, just a couple

Who do you want to have a drink with and to talk about life with?


Winston Churchill

Fyodor Dostoevsky

Claude Monet

What's your favorite phrase?

Well, maybe, who knows?

"Look, I'm gonna to explain it to you"

"No, just listen to me..."

"Well, I don't know"

When you're talking to someone, you try to:

Make friends

Prove that my position is right!

Establish trust

Surpise everyone with my knowledge

What is your dream career?

To become an enterpreneur, to create my own business

To be the head of a major company

Having a career is not what I am about. I have friends, family. Why do I need that career?

To be a freelancer

You can persuade anyone

Your talent is a straight ticket to advocacy, politics or sales at least. You can persuade anyone in anything. To sell snow to the Arctic? Here you are. To announce charity fundraising? Great. Bring dozens of people on your side? Easy. This is a rare skill and you should use it! Persuade your friends to take this quiz, let's see their result.

You need more practice

You have not exactly a talent but capabilities - for sure. You sound quite convincing if you try to. Friends and people you know often give ear to you, but you lack a little bit to achieve the ideal. You just need more practice. Start right now, convince your friends to take this quiz, let's see their result!

It's hard to believe you

Probably, you have no gift of persuasion. You can give some advice, probably, one will take it to heart but commanding the herd and conquering loyal fans is not about you. Besides, you'll never persuade people 100% about what you believe. But you can trust this quiz, tell your friends about it, let's see their result!

Don't believe you!

Having heard you, Stanislavsky would definitely say his trademark phrase, "I don't believe!". Your voice is shaking so hard during important disputes that any argument sounds weakly and not convincing. Take a couple of lessons from Greek orators, learn by their example. And tell your friends about this quiz, let's see their results. Maybe, there's new Demosthenes among them.